Expert in drones ensures that several UFOs have caused the closure of Gatwick airport

London Gatwick Airport has had to stop its activity after one or more alleged drones flew repeatedly on the airport runways which probably can be UFOs. Gatwick, which is the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom after London-Heathrow, decided to close all its airstrips from 21.03 (local time) on Wednesday. According to the BBC, the closure has affected at least 100,000 passengers so far, which has led to total chaos.

Many passengers who were in Gatwick have been unable to travel, while other flights have been redirected to other airports such as Amsterdam, Paris and Bordeaux. For those who try to leave Gatwick, the situation is chaotic. Apart from canceled flights, the hotels are complete, so many people have been forced to sleep in the terminals. This has caused the Army to send a team of specialists to intercept the devices. However, Sussex police, where the airport is located, have said that the incident is not related to terrorism, rather it is a “deliberate act”of interruption of air traffic. This is the official version of the incident, but apparently, in Gatwick something completely different would be happening. A drone expert has claimed that the closure of Gatwick Airport has nothing to do with drones, it is actually UFOs or a conspiracy to prohibit the use of drones in our skies.

UFOs or a great conspiracy

Steve Timewell, editor of the magazine Drone User Magazine, during an interview on the British radio station Talk radio, has assured that the airport of Gatwick has been affected by UFO sightings or perhaps it is a conspiracy to prohibit the drones.

“The sensationalist media love this kind of story,” Timewell said. “And who knows, it could be a conspiracy to force a total ban on all drones.”

UFOs Gatwick Airport - Expert in drones ensures that several UFOs have caused the closure of Gatwick Airport

It was then that the presenter Jamie East asked him if the Gatwick airport would close for a day just to get rid of the drones.

“The first thing we must clarify in this situation is whether this incident has anything to do with unmanned aircraft,  Timewell continued.“As with all drone reports, we have not yet seen any photographic evidence that they are unmanned aircraft. So, basically, at this moment, this is a UFO sighting that is an unidentified flying object and should be described that way until we know otherwise. It could be a bag with the lights on, who knows? “

The drone expert explained that there are two types of users that use these devices: the first is the one that achieves economic benefit from drones and uses them responsibly; and the second is the person who buys a cheap drone on eBay and simply flies it anywhere. However, it does not matter how stupid this person is, as he would be unable to fly over Gatwick Airport.

“Basically, this is a deliberate attempt to cause an interruption at the airport or a deliberate attempt to end the drones,” Timewell concluded.

The video of a supposed drone on the Gatwick airport

MailOnline has released a video that shows an unidentified flying object on the Gatwick airport. In the images you can see how the mysterious object, which they say is a drone, flies over the northern track of Gatwick before disappearing while being chased by a police helicopter. For their part, Sussex police operatives were at strategic points with sniper rifles to shoot down the alleged drone, but apparently they could not reach it.

gatwick airport - Expert in drones ensures that several UFOs have caused the closure of Gatwick airport

“Weapons against drones”

Surprisingly, the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that they have deployed a specialized team to control the situation. And apparently, the military will try a new weapon known as ‘Drone Dome’ , which can ‘kill’ a drone by eliminating its communications by a laser from up to two kilometers away.

For their part, some conspiracy theorists have linked this incident with the one that occurred in 2014 at the airport in Bremen, Germany . As we published in Esoteric and Paranormal World, a UFO appeared on radars several times, so the airport authorities decided to send a helicopter to investigate the mysterious object , later admitting that they were not able to find it. The incident forced to cancel a flight to Frankfurt, while another flight destination Munich was diverted to Hannover. Even several witnesses claimed that the strange object had red and green lights on both sides.

As Timewell commented, the truth is that it is really strange that an amateur with drones can paralyze a large airport like Gatwick. In addition, it is surprising that the British army has sent a “special unit” to intercept not know what . As always happens in these cases, people are satisfied with the official version if they do not think about a single moment in other possibilities.

What is really hidden in the closure of the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom? Is it about UFOs? Or an excuse to end the drones?


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  1. Your doing a great job on reporting the strange and give a new prospective on the Gatwick drone debacle, and easy navigation with word press, bravo am looking forward to future reports.

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