Extraterrestrial organic matter found in South Africa

Extraterrestrial organic matter that does not belong to the Earth has been found completely preserved in a thin layer of a sedimentary rock from about 3,300 million years ago in South Africa, which reveals the existence of extraterrestrial material in our world.

Extraterrestrial organic matter

This strange Extraterrestrial organic matter has been associated with ferrite spinel nanoparticles enriched with nickel and chromium, suggesting that there was a rain of micrometeorites during the Early Archaic period on our world, who brought this material to the planet.

The sediments, found in the Josefsdal Chert Formation, which is part of the Makhonjwa Mountains region, also possess biogenic carbonaceous material.

This coexistence of extraterrestrial and biogenic carbonaceous matter in the same sedimentary deposits demonstrates the challenges that the study faces for the trail of extinct life on Mars, according to the article published in Science Direct.(Extraterrestrial organic matter)

The discovery supports the idea that organic chemicals, in other words, carbon-based, from space granted some of the main materials for the first life form on the planet. This area is known for hosting some of the oldest rocks in the entire planet.

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Extraterrestrial organic matter

Frances Westall, of the Center for Molecular Biophysics of the CNRS, the official research center of France, told New Scientist that this is the first time that real evidence of extraterrestrial carbon is found in terrestrial rocks.

It is extremely difficult to imagine a single impact event that still retains both the organic matter and the spinel particles in such a thin sedimentary layer.

According to the theory, which was published in the ABC medium, just after the impact of the meteorite, the carbon base material was thrown into the air in the form of dust, which then fell to Earth and was buried under volcanic ash. This layer of ash would have been what allowed the extraterrestrial carbon to keep well.(Extraterrestrial organic matter)

The investigation of the longest rocks of the Earth is part of the scientific projects that are carried out to advance in the detection of traces of life on Mars.

In this way we would also be advanced towards the truth about the creation of life on Earth and how it could come from space. As well as it could shed light on the investigation of the ancient existence of forms of life on Mars …

What’s your opinion about it? Do you think that life on Earth came from space?

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