An American woman writes a cryptic message after being dead for 27 minutes

The feeling of leaving your own body, a tunnel of light, visions of deceased loved ones , a review of your life, a feeling of peace and well-being. Many people have had these feelings and feelings when they meet at the “death gates” . These reports range from out-of-body experiences (even some have come to see their own corpse), to a tunnel of light, a sense of well-being and pain relief to visions of loved ones who have already passed away. These experiences, along with many others, are collectively called “near-death experiences (NDE)”.(cryptic message after being dead)

Although there have been many historical cases of similar experiences, with the advance of medical technology to resuscitate people after long, much longer periods of brain death, NDEs have become more common, to such an extent that researchers have subdivided the experiences of people in five different stages: peace, separation from the body, entering the darkness, seeing the light and finally entering the light. There are many theories to explain what really happens during NDEs. The most common thing among the most spiritual people is that it is the transition from life to the afterlife. Many believe that it is clear evidence that human consciousness can survive the death of the physical body. Whatever the explanation,(cryptic message after being dead)

A message from beyond

The tattoo of a woman from California went viral on Instagram because of her mysterious story. West Hollywood tattoo artist, Suede Silver , shared one of his works he had done recently for Madie Johnson. He said it was “too good not to share” the story behind his new tattoo.

A woman in the USA  wrote a strange cryptic message to his family saying that she had been in heaven after dying for 27 minutes before being reanimated. Tina Hines, of Phoenix, Arizona, suffered a cardiac arrest in February 2018 when she and her husband Brian were preparing for a walk. At one point the woman fell to the ground, so Brian performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation twice before the emergency technicians arrived.

cryptic message being dead - An American woman writes a cryptic message after being dead for 27 minutes

As reported by the American television channel KTVK , on the way to the hospital, was revived six times by doctors, suffering a clinical death for 27 minutes in total. She was intubated in the hospital but miraculously woke up. As soon as she did, Hines asked for a pen and paper and wrote a cryptic message to his family. On the barely legible paper, she wrote: “it’s real”. When asked what it meant, she pointed up.

“It was so real, the colors were so vibrant, ” Hines told KTVK.

But there’s more, she said she saw a figure who thinks she was standing next to bright yellow and shining doors. Even with all this evidence, the scientific community is skeptical about these experiences. They are based on a study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan with rats in 2013. Apparently, the animal’s brain activity increased just before death, being higher than during most conscious waking states.(cryptic message after being dead)

The head of the study, Dr. Jimo Borjigin, said that the brain was thought to be inactive or hypoactive after clinical death, with less activity than the waking state, but they showed that this is not the case. The nine rats were monitored while they were dying, and in the 30 second period after the animal’s hearts stopped beating, a sharp increase in high frequency brain waveswas measured . These pulses are one of the neuronal characteristics that are believed to sustain consciousness in human beings, especially when they help to “link” information from different parts of the brain.

This research shows how brain activity exists after death, but what it does not explain is how thousands or millions of people experience the same thing. The answer to this mystery was found by Dr. Eben Alexander , an American neurosurgeon and professor at Harvard Medical School, who for most of his life did not believe in life after death . He had heard about near-death experiences during his career as a neurosurgeon, but he considered that they were the result of hallucinations or fantasies.

woman cryptic message dead - An American woman writes a cryptic message after being dead for 27 minutes

However, their beliefs changed when Dr. Alexander woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain. What he thought was just a muscle spasm turned out to be a rare case of bacterial meningitis that infected his brain. When he arrived at the hospital, he was in a coma. The doctors informed his wife that he could not wake up. It was during his time in a coma that Dr. Alexander said he traveled to a place he did not believe existed before . He was guided through life after death and when he woke up seven days later, his experience had completely changed his thoughts about the existence of heaven.(cryptic message after being dead)

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Perhaps the most skeptical do not believe in life after death, however, the innumerable cases throughout the world prove otherwise. And the message of Tina Hines is an example of that.

What do you think about the experience and subsequent message of Tina Hines? Does it show that life after death?

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