New NASA photographs capture two huge extraterrestrial spacecraft

NASA has always tried to hide all information regarding UFOs, and has suppressed any image captured by its cameras and satellites. But from time to time, new images are leaked that reveal the American Space Agency. And we want to show you two very significant images .(extraterrestrial spacecraft)

extraterrestrial spacecraft

Since the middle of the last century and thanks to the famous Roswell Case, the search for intelligent life outside our planet or the belief that a certain intelligent existence has been visiting us for a long time, is increasingly widespread. And contrary to what many may think, today there are more people convinced of the existence of extraterrestrials, than what there was in previous decades.(extraterrestrial spacecraft)

And is that the UFO phenomenon is the answer to many of the questions that the human being has been doing since the beginning of time. And the idea that we can be visited by these beings fascinates us. Just as we are fascinated and fascinated, the idea of reaching other worlds. And that was the case in 1969, when the man stepped on a soil that did not belong to our Earth for the first time.

But, from the mythical mission of Apollo XI, the theories that astronauts have been accompanied in all their missions by aliens, have been growing in the collective unconscious. And in each of the Apollo missions, strange images were captured where lights or artificial formations could be observed. The following photographs were uploaded by NASA itself on its website and were found by a curious Internet user.(extraterrestrial spacecraft)

In the first image, belonging to the Apollo XIV mission, you can see a kind of triangular ship that appears in several shots. At first glance, it can not be seen clearly, but by zooming in on the image you can see its outline in the dark. In addition, the object is very close to the Apollo ship, so it is really surprising that something like this was so close to the NASA team, without anyone noticing it.

And in the second photograph it could be found on the Apollo mission website and you can clearly see a huge ship with the shape of a cigarette or cigar, which is accompanied by a smaller one with a bluish glow. In the observation of the zoomed photograph, you can appreciate details of the two objects that show their origin.

Whenever new images of the Apollo missions arise, many theories arise and, above all, the uncertainty of those who study these cases. There are hundreds of photographs and films that have been taken by NASA and that at first sight did not attract attention. But the global mind through the internet never sleeps. And he is always looking for the truth. At the moment, we can enjoy these two new images.(extraterrestrial spacecraft)

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