First Case Of Sexually Transmitted Dengue Confirmed In Spain

The health authorities of Spain confirmed yesterday the detection of a case of Sexually Transmitted Dengue between two men, a world novelty for this virus

The patient’s sexual partner was another man who had recently traveled to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, where he probably caught the disease.

Sexually Transmitted Dengue

The health authorities of Spain confirmed yesterday the detection of a case of infection of dengue by sexual means between two men, a world novelty for this virus that was considered transmitted only by mosquito bites.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) confirmed that the Spanish case is “the first case of Sexually Transmitted Dengue virus between two men” they know.

Before there was an (scientific) article published in South Korea about a probable sexual transmission from a woman to a man, ”but it was not confirmed, said medical epidemiologist Susana Jiménez of the General Directorate of Public Health in Madrid.

The case diagnosed in Madrid is that of “a 41-year-old man infected by having sex with his partner, who had acquired the virus during a trip to Cuba,” probably because of a mosquito bite, Jiménez explained.

The contagion, confirmed at the end of September, intrigued scientists as the subject had not traveled to a country where dengue was endemic.

The possibility that he had been infected by a mosquito in Spain was explored, but in the areas where he had been no dengue-carrying mosquitoes had been discovered.

On the contrary, “your partner has presented about ten days before a clinic (symptoms) very similar to yours, which has been very mild and has not required attention. That person had traveled to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, ”said the doctor.

The tests showed that both had dengue.

Semen samples were taken, analyzed and detected not only that it was dengue, but that it was exactly the same virus and, in addition, a virus that is circulating in Cuba, ”he added.

It is a finding, a news of global relevance: finding another transmission mechanism, ”he admitted.

Regarding the route of contagion, Jiménez said that “until now it was not contemplated, because we have always thought it was the mosquito.”

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