Cancer Killing Virus Has Been Created by Australian Company Imugene

An Australian company called Imugene has created a Cancer killing virus that is capable of eliminating every type of cancer. Until now it was tested on Petrie plates and in mice, where it has worked by reducing tumors and killing diseased cells. Human tests are expected to begin soon.

Cancer Killing Virus Has Been Created by Australian Company Imugene

Although it seems strange that a virus is used to cure a disease, this is possible and scientists have been doing so for years.

A modified herpes virus has been implemented for the treatment of some types of skin cancer. But this already has its antecedents since the use of cowpox that affects its udders, to create the basis of the first vaccines against human smallpox.

Now, scientists are using bovine smallpox virus as the basis for their cancer treatment, called CF33. The first tests in mice have reduced cancer cells, so Imugene believes that the next logical step is to perform the experiments in humans, in order to verify that the treatment is effective.

Cancer Killing Virus Has Been Created by Australian Company Imugene
The American expert Yuman Fong (photo) is developing the treatment and organizing the human tests for the Australian biotechnology company.

During the next tests, which will take place next year in Australia and other countries, the treatment will be implemented in certain types of specific cancer, such as triple-negative breast cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, bladder, gastric and intestinal cancer.

Professor Yuman Fong, a specialist in cancer treatments, told the Daily Telegraph that there has been evidence that some viruses could fight cancer since the early 1900s when people were vaccinated against rabies and their cancer disappeared, they entered the referral stage

However, it was feared that just as the virus was toxic to cancer, it was also toxic to humans, but now things are different and could be the best way to attack cancerous tumors.

In Imugene’s experiments, patients will observe that the Cancer killing virus will be injected directly into their tumors, where it will multiply to the point of destroying it. The immune system itself is then expected to be alerted to other cancer cells in the body, attacking and eliminating them.

All this is very promising, but it will take years for the health strategy to be used in hospitals because it remains to be seen how the immune system reacts to the virus itself. In addition, cancer cells mutate to survive, which is how they have become resistant to treatments such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Source: Daily Mail 

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