The first transplant of Head of History already has date: December of 2017

The procedure will last about 36 hours and will involve 150 doctors, with a total cost of 11 million dollars. The patient is a Russian man with a severe degenerative disease.(transplant of Head)

transplant of Head

Valeri Spiridonov, a Russian citizen suffering from spinal muscular atrophy will be the first human to undergo this surgery that will last approximately 36 hours. The Italian neuroscientist, Dr. Sergio Canavero, along with a technology company, develop a virtual system to successfully perform the first head transplant next December this year.(transplant of Head)

The Transplant Steps

1. Valeri Spiridonov can not choose the body to be transplanted. It is most likely that a person who has suffered an accident or who has been sentenced to death will be selected. Its only requirement is that it be a body of man.

2. The transplant will last more than 36 hours. For its execution will be necessary the simultaneous participation of 100 surgeons. The separation of the current body head and its connection with the new body should not take more than an hour.

“It is estimated that the patient must spend a month in coma, which is the time necessary for tissue regeneration. Then a year of rehabilitation and physical therapy is required, “says Spiridonov.

3. If the operation succeeds, the sons of Spiridonov would inherit the genetics of the body donor.

“As for the children, the genetics would be the donor, but this is a field that has yet to be studied,” he continues.

4. The operation will cost about 11 million dollars.

5. Canavero has not presented specific requirements to candidates. “It has to be a person with a serious physical condition, for whom this is the only way out. A person sentenced. ”

6. Spiridónov and Canavero have never been seen, all the time have been communicated through Skype.

7. Professor Canavero is not responsible for the result of the experiment and Spiridonov does not demand any obligation. A high precision scalpel will play the leading role in the operation. It will cut the spinal cord.9. So that the head can revive in the new body, surgeons will have to ‘weld’ the cut axons: a prolongation of the neurons with which they connect with each other. Axons transmit information between nerve cells and also send signals to muscles and glands.

Science or madness? Several experts warn that it is not possible to carry out such an operation successfully, and warn that such surgery would violate ethical standards. What do you think? Leave us your comment!

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