The Jersey Devil is photographed in Pennsylvania (real photograph of jersey devil)

Have you ever heard or read the story of the devil of Jersey? The Jersey Devil is a mythical creature that has been appearing in the natural reserves of New Jersey and surrounding area for 260 years. This entity has been seen by more than 2,000 witnesses during this period . Their presence has terrorized whole villages, and has caused the closure of factories and schools, yet many people believe that the devil of Jersey is simply a legend, a mythical beast that has its roots in local folklore.

The origins provide some validity to the existence of the Jersey devil, but sightings are the most important evidence. Experts in the field have divided the sightings into 3 periods of time, between 1909, 1909, and after 1909. This is due to the large number of well-documented cases that would demonstrate the existence of the devil. But in the 21st century there are still encounters with this mythical creature. Now a construction worker claims to have photographed the Jersey Devil on a road outside of Philadelphia.

Other Evidence of the Jersey Devil

During the American television program Fox & Friends commented on a surprising news, a construction worker and his friends claimed to have seen and photographed with the camera of his Smartphone the mythical devil of Jersey.

According to  The Inquisitr News , this image was taken on a stretch of road just outside of Philadelphia. The 32-year-old construction worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the media that he was driving down a road on a stormy night with friends when they saw what looked like a huge vulture at first.

“I was driving back to Philadelphia,” explained the 32-year-old construction worker. “I do not really remember where I was. “Me and my friend were in the car and we saw what appeared to be a huge vulture in a tree, it was getting dark, so we could not distinguish well the features. I told him to take the mobile phone to take a picture. “

As they approached, they realized that the mysterious creature was too large to be a vulture , and they knew what they were seeing was no known bird. But it was not until they saw the picture that they realized that it looked like the Jersey devil. They described it as having huge bat wings and goat-like features. Both the construction worker and his friends were convinced that the creature did not resemble any species of vulture known.

“It was very strange, but we thought we were seeing something else, because of the rain and the dark, but looking at the image we saw that it was not any bird or bat that we have seen before,” concluded the worker.

Jersey Devil


After Fox & Friends commented on the photograph, a large number of netizens shared it on social networks. Even American journalist Brian Hickey of the local newspaper PhillyVoice wrote an article about this latest picture of the Devil from Jersey, saying it looked like great news, credible and not a montage . Although the construction worker and his friends took this photo almost 16 months ago, it is now that he has received media attention.

And in social networks there are all kinds of opinions and comments. Some believe that this photo clearly shows the mythical beast, while others say that it is a well-made montage. And there have also been those who have used the image to make funny tweets about the current political.

And what do you think? Does the picture show the mythical devil of Jersey? Or do you have another explanation?

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