Slava Krasheninnikov

Indigo Child Slava Krasheninnikov: Predicted Future, His Own Death And Magically Cured Diseases

The likes of Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, two mystics with exceptional talents, have made headlines all across the globe. One such case is that of a 10-year-old schoolboy from Russia named Slava Krasheninnikov. He was credited with the ability to predict the future and cure various diseases, making him one of the most remarkable children in the world. He died 15 years ago, but people still worship him as if he were a saint.

Slava Krasheninnikov
Slava Krasheninnikov

The Curious Case Of Slava Krasheninnikov

In honor of the legacy of the mystic boy Slava Krasheninnikov, people had a special icon made in which the boy was painted as an angel. The icon was entitled “The Holy Youth Vyacheslav. Your reward shall be equal to your sufferings.” Even though he passed away 15 years ago, people still hold dear the memory of Slava Krasheninnikov, the tiny prophet, and healer.

His grave is situated in the city of Chebarkul. Due to the fondness people have for him, his gravesite has become a religious place where thousands of devotees come every year to pay their respect. They kneel at his grave, where they place flowers, and say prayers. It has been reported that several devotees collect the earth around the grave as there is a popular belief that the earth can cure ailments.

He was only five days shy of turning eleven when he died. Even at such a young age, the boy achieved local celebrity status due to his ability to predict the future correctly and help the sufferer diagnose their illness and even cure it. Slava provided all of his services to his devotees at no cost. The assistance he provided was entirely free.

“I’ve got a god-given gift. And I must use it gratuitously for the sake of those in need – it was a message I received from above,” 

Slava Krasheninnikov told this to her mother one day

Slava Krasheninnikov once found a ten-dollar note in his coat’s pocket. It was in a crumpled state and was probably kept there by one of his patients as a token of appreciation. However, Slava didn’t accept it, and he made efforts to find and return the note to its owner. It became a regular task for Slava Krasheninnikov to cure the sufferers’ ailments.

Patients would stand in a line outside his house, and he would never disappoint them. He successfully cured various people’s diseases and bodily pains. His demise was one of the most intriguing and sad predictions he ever made. Slava Krasheninnikov accurately predicted his own death just six months before he left this world.

“I still don’t know why my son came to an untimely end. The doctors were unable to diagnose a terrible disease that killed my boy. One of them told me: ‘Looks like someone or something has sucked out his blood dry. We’re at a complete loss to determine the nature of his disease.”

Valentina (Slava Krasheninnikov’s mother)

Even as he lay dying in a hospital’s hematology unit, Slava refused to stop giving aid to people who visited him. Patients from all across the hospital were making their way to his room to seek his assistance. Slava Krasheninnikov spent the last three days of his life in unconsciousness. He cured the ailments of various people, but he was not able to beat his own lethal disease.

 Slava Krasheninnikov with his mother Valentina
Slava Krasheninnikov with his mother Valentina

“Lots of people come to visit Slava’s grave day in and day out.”


The grave of Slava Krasheninnikov seems to be freshly dug up as devotees who visit his grave collect some earth and believe that it can cure their ailments. Slava Krasheninnikov’s parents have to put additional earth at the grave site on a regular basis.

“People make a kind of pulp by adding some water into earth. They apply it as an ointment to the affected areas of their bodies. Many people come back to express their gratefulness. Even the minute particles of marble and small stones from the grave are known for their strong curative effects. They put the stuff in the water and drink the solution.


After the death of Slava Krasheninnikov, her mother thought of disposing of the chair on which he used to sit and provide cures to the sufferers. However, after discussing her decision with a devoutly religious lady, she came to a different conclusion. Valentina was persuaded by the lady to keep the chair rather than throw it away, and it is still present there. 

“The parents of terminally ill children come to my house almost every day. You know, they just can’t bring their offspring along, those children are too weak to travel. So they bring the photographs of their little poor creatures and place them onto Slava’s chair in a desperate attempt to ease their pain away. It’s a real miracle. I’ve been told that lots of those children got better afterwards. The number of those who recovered keeps growing, I’ve already lost track of their names and stories.”


While the boy was still alive, he was given a lot of icons. The icons came from different parts of the world and old monasteries. In fact, more and more icons keep showing up at his parents’ house. The mother of Slava Krasheninnikov placed some of the icons on his grave.

“A monk gave me an icon with the painting of Nicholas II two months ago. I took it to my son’s grave. Soon the people noticed that the icon had begun to ooze myrrh.”


Slava Krasheninnikov paid regular visits to Holy Trinity and St. Sergius Laura in the city of Sergiyev Pasad, where fathers considered his ability a divine gift, and he was highly acknowledged there. Last year, that is, in February 2022, an icon with his face arrived at his former residence. Professional icon painters made that icon. 

“It’s a brand-new icon. I’ve already put it at the cemetery so that sufferers may touch or kiss it. I’m sure that Slava’s soul can hear the voice of every person who seeks helps. My boy will take care of every request.”

 Slava Krasheninnikov
Slava Krasheninnikov

The fact that individuals are continuously donating icons in remembrance of Slava Krasheninnikov demonstrates the general public’s warmth and affection for him. Even 15 years after his death, his devotees remember him and continue to worship him. 

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