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The Mysterious Case of Luis Barroso: Did Aliens Really Reverse His Aging?

In 1976, Brazilian resident Luis Barroso fell victim to a mysterious alien weapon that began to “rejuvenate” his psyche and skin and then killed him.

The Alien Encounter Of Luis Barroso

Ufologists consider the case of Barroso one of the worst examples of close “contact” with aliens. On the night of April 3, 1976, Luis Barroso was at his farm near the municipality of Quijada, checking on cattle. It was a routine daily job, but that night a strange aircraft visited his farm. 

Barroso heard a sound like a very loud buzzing of bees. At that moment, he was slowly riding a horse-drawn cart along the path to the cattle pen. Then the farmer saw ahead of him a small aircraft with a diameter of about three meters. It was about 30 meters from Fernandez.

A light beam came out of the UFO and the farmer with the horse was paralyzed on the spot. The man saw that two little men came out of the object and one had something like a flashlight in his hand. They approached the farmer and fired a powerful beam of light from the “flashlight” directly into his face.

The Mysterious Case of Luis Barroso: Did Aliens Really Reverse His Aging?
Luis Barroso suffering from the effects of alien beam weapons

Barroso immediately lost consciousness, and when he woke up, he was quite far from the place where he saw the UFO. Nearby was his cart with a horse, Who was a little scared, but unharmed, but The farmer himself felt a severe headache, it was difficult for him to breathe, his face was burned, and the left half of his body was all reddened, as if from a severe burn.

He got to his feet, but could not walk properly and could not control the wagon. He was helped by a shepherd who happened to be passing by. He took Barroso to his house, where the man told his wife what had happened to him and asked to be taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Barroso was examined by Dr. Antonio Moreira Magalhaes, one of Quijada’s most respected doctors. The doctor listened to the farmer’s story and, although he did not believe in UFOs at the time, he immediately knew that something unusual had happened to the man. 

He then assessed his condition as not life-threatening and prescribed the farmer anti-allergic pills and bed rest.

However, Barroso’s medications did not help. He continued to feel severe constant pain in his body every day, his eyes also hurt, and the left side of his body continued to be red. 

Rumors, meanwhile, quickly spread around the district and crowds of curious people began to come to Barroso’s house to personally see the person who was attacked by aliens. Then they were joined by ufologists, various researchers, journalists, radio hosts, etc.

A few days after the incident, Luis Barroso’s hair turned gray and he increasingly began to fall into a strange state, similar to a catatonic stupor. He froze in place and stared intently ahead of him.

Then his memory began to deteriorate rapidly and his family members again took him to Dr. Magalhães. He was confused, not understanding what was happening to the man, and then sent Barroso to the metropolitan specialists.

There, he was visited by neurologist Pelegrino José Alves and psychiatrist Glauco Wolf, who immediately criticized Magalhães’s medical record that the patient had been abducted by a UFO. 

They believed that Barroso had a “common psychological problem”, but they could not give him an accurate diagnosis, recommending only more rest, after which they sent the farmer home.

But Barroso was getting worse, he was losing his memory so quickly, as if it “leaked” from his brain like a small fish through large meshes of the network. Then the family took him to a psychiatric clinic for examination, where he was examined by 16 Doctors, but no one understood what was happening to him.

At the same time, curiously, his severe burns on the skin gradually disappeared and the skin itself began to look smooth, as if there had never been any burns. Many noted that his skin seemed to have “grown back” and was now like that of a young man, it did not have wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Luis Barroso shortly before his death.  His skin then was "smooth as a baby"
Luis Barroso shortly before his death. 
His skin then was “smooth as a baby”

But his mental state, for some unknown reason, worsened every month. He increasingly fell into a state of stupor and sat frozen in one position, and spoke less and less. And when he spoke, it was such primitive phrases, as if they were spoken by a child, and not by an aging man.

He was again taken to the hospital, where another series of examinations was carried out, including an electroencephalogram, urinalysis, glucose and cholesterol.

The test results proved that Luis Barroso’s body was in almost perfect condition, but what the doctors called “mental regression” was happening in the brain. And irreversible.

A few years later, his vocabulary became the same as that of a small child, and by 1993 he spoke only three words “mom”, “give” and “scary”. When he was brought to a source of bright light, he said “scary.”

Luis Fernandez Barroso died on April 1, 1993, seventeen years after his encounter with aggressive aliens.

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