Hero of World War II Murdered UFO Witnesses Says The Daughter Of The War Veteran

“Hero of World War II Murdered UFO Witnesses Says” The Daughter Of The War Veteran

The daughter of a World War II officer who was part of the infamous “Hell’s Angels” 303rd Bomb Unit reveals that her father was subsequently affiliated with Intelligence and Wright Field. There, he was tasked with intimidating and silencing witnesses and retrieving any debris owned by private individuals from the crashed UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in early July 1947. It is alleged that his violent activities have caused the lives of some individuals. The daughter of one of the War veterans says that the Hero of World War II Murdered UFO Witnesses.

The tale has been revealed by Michelle Penn who lives in Great Falls, Montana, that her father was Hunter Glynn Penn served as a bombardier on the renowned B-17 Flying Fortress during its initial sorties in the European Theater during the World War II.  Penn passed away in 1993, and he was a member of an extremely rare organization as a Hell’s Angel. 

Gary Moncur, another individual, whose father also belonged to the Hell’s Angel, states that only the individuals possessing sturdy personalities were selected for these missions. The ones who could be relied upon for the most perilous missions. There were courageous misfits and fearless trouble makers among their ranks, someone like Lt. Hunter Penn.

UFO(Hero of World War-II)

Penn (service number 443724) flew briefly in the European Theater before assuming an additional 303rd position upon his return. His service years included 1942, during which he participated in what historians refer to as “The Dangerous First 30 Missions” of the Hell’s Angels bombing campaign, which ultimately consisted of 364 missions from 1942 to 1945.

Michelle further revealed that military records of her father were incomplete and lacked critical documentation. Penn’s military records were likely destroyed in a huge fire “accident” in 1973 at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, where they were held. However,  Hunter’s known service was determined through extensive online research and military unit historical sources. In addition, Michelle asserted that after the war, he was associated with Wright Field (Wright-Patterson) and worked in Intelligence.

Scaring People To Death

In his later years, Hunter Penn was concerned that his quest to silence people may have culminated in the eventual silence of death. He attempted to silence anyone who had seen forbidden information. He attempted to retrieve by force any physical evidence of the crash, such as pieces of odd alloy or memory metal kept by residents or ranchers.

Michelle stated that her father was a chronically harsh person and also a high-functioning alcoholic. He was rigorous and physically intimidating, in addition to that he was an extremely intelligent individual. Possibly brilliant to the point of insanity. After his military service, Hunter lost an arm in a shooting incident.  Instead of opting for a prosthetic limb, Hunter opted for a hook-like arm, a claw.

UFO Crash
UFO Crash

Michelle did not know whether her father was giving her this part of his life story to scare her into lifetime devotion and obedience, to relieve himself of the burden, or both. In the early 1950s, she overheard her mother Ivy, and father discussing a regrettable event that occurred during her father’s military service. His knowledge of the crash and his role in covering it up were at issue. This overheard conversation regarding the accident occurred decades before the resurgence of interest in Roswell, the publication of books, etc.

Revelation By Hunter Penn To His Daughter

He was assigned tasks with case names as part of a group. One of these was the Roswell case, and his goal was to protect the quiet and debris around the crash of an alien spaceship and its inhabitants. He told her that anybody who did not comply with him would be subject to his use of a weapon to intimidate them. Hunter was weapon-obsessed, and his preferred weapons were sharp, swingable ones, such as an ice pick. He wielded a pick axe and lashed out maniacally at those who opposed him which compelled them to follow his every command.

UFO Incident Newspaper Article
UFO Incident Newspaper Article

He would use the pick to dismantle structures and containers until persons who had been holding back eventually surrendered the debris materials and swore never to speak again. Later on, Hunter would mourn over the past. He would wail about his actions. According to Michelle:

“They were authorized to use whatever means necessary, and they did. They wanted nervous breakdowns and suicides.”

Even the hardened Hunter showed signs of emotion as he described his Roswell mission. He claimed that he may have even committed murders. He stated that he may have induced heart-attack in individuals by scaring them suing his axe. It is also believed that the Hero of World War II Murdered UFO Witnesses.

Extreme stress, particularly abrupt stress, can cause cardiac episodes in susceptible persons. This is why heart patients should never be frightened. This could result in their demise. Hunter Penn thought he was responsible for the demise of individuals at Roswell who disobeyed orders.

What Made The Authorities Choose Hunter?

Officers like Hunter in military organizations were held in high regard as he was passionate and devoted. He followed the commands and respected the administered authority.  He was psychologically strong and fearless. He was intimidating and courageous.

Additionally, as a silencer and retriever of crash artifacts, he was difficult to track. He had no relationship with the Roswell base or the town’s residents and the authorities did not wish to assign a person who could be recognized by the residents.

It was logical that the silencing operation and search for wayward debris near Roswell employed both familiar and unfamiliar officials. Those familiar to them would act as the good cop and forcefully persuade and possibly even warn. Having no ties to the area, however, Hunter was free to play the role of bad cop. He was an enforcer who would use a lethal weapon to commit violence in order to compel obedience.

Alien Body Found In Crash

Finally, as crude, as it may sound, Hunter had already committed a murder. And he did so in new territory, launching airborne assaults on areas thousands of miles from his home in Kentucky.

Facts Bolstered By Niece of Hunter Penn

Jeanne Penn Lane of Kentucky, who passed away in December, backed much of what Hunter’s daughter asserts about her father. Jeanne was the niece of Hunter Penn and Michelle’s cousin. She had a close relationship with Hunter and Michelle. Jeanne, who ran the oldest continually functioning general store in the United States, verified that Hunter was Michelle’s father and that many of the things she stated about him were likely accurate.

However, what she revealed about Michelle’s relationship with her father came off quite shocking since she disclosed that  Michelle was actually Cheryl Penn and that Cheryl is not Hunter’s foster daughter but Penn’s biological daughter.

Despite the fact that this may initially cast doubt on Michelle’s account of her father and Roswell, it actually strengthens it. Michelle must have left her hometown as soon as she could, and there was a reason she began using a different first name and wished to be identified as Hunter Penn’s foster daughter rather than his actual daughter.

It was a method for alleviating the agony. Removing oneself from such suffering does not compromise one’s trustworthiness. Jeanne confirmed that her uncle Hunter was occasionally cruel. She noted, however, that he had moments of levity, such as when they watched a baseball game together. She also watched him slap the cigarette out of the mouth of a minor, a boy he did not know, in public.

She stated that he enjoyed his claw-hook arm and weaponry. She stated that this made him an even more terrifying figure. In the 1950s and 1960s, Hunter left rural Kentucky to make a fortune in California real estate construction. In later years, he lost the majority of his net worth due to poor financial management.

Jeanne described her aunt Eve (Michelle’s mother) as a self-centered parent who enabled Hunter’s violence and sided with him due to her desire for his money. Jeanne stated that he was a straightforward individual who could be trusted with secrets, despite her lack of knowledge regarding Roswell and his involvement.

Another War Veteran Engaged in Silencing the Witnesses

The story of C.M. Woodbury, Roswell’s city manager in 1947, supports the theory that trusted, fearless World War II veterans such as Hunter Penn were used to compel silence about the crash.

During World War II, he was recognized as the Iron Majo” and was considered a no-nonsense individual. He was also tight with the base commander of the Roswell Army Air Field, Butch Blanchard. Woodbury, like Penn, commanded a particularly nasty military squad. Woodbury headed the 752 Tank Battalion, an armored unit similar to the Hell’s Angels. The September 19, 1944 edition of The Stars and Stripes praised Woodbury for his astounding amount of Kraut kills.

After the collision, Woodbury did attend the Roswell City Fire Department, albeit not aggressively intimidating anyone. Approximately 10 years ago, JC Smith, one of the firemen, informed author and researcher Kevin Randle that Woodbury came in uninvited and urged the men not to respond to any reports of a collision north of town.

Woodbury told them there was no need to answer and that everything was in control in a strong tone. The military utilized a local as a good cop to lean on the Fire Department and Sheriff George Wilcox, whilst they used a guy like Hunter Penn as a bad cop to possibly harm by force to get obedience. The daughter of the war veteran says that Hero of World War II Murdered UFO Witnesses.

Source: https://www.ufoexplorations.com/father-murdered-roswell-witnesses

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