NWO Alien Invasion

Former FBI Special Agent John DeSouza Warns of Imminent Fake Alien Invasion

John DeSouza, a former FBI special agent, is in the news this week for his interview with Michael Salla, founder of Exopolitics.org, who was also in the news this week with his ‘revelation’ that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine to seize an “old space ark.

“What we’re going to see is that we’re going to see these Tic Tacs, also called UAPs, that’s the new terminology, as well as we’re going to see them engaging civilian ships and vessels in a hostile aggressive manner,” explains DeSouza.

Former FBI Special Agent John DeSouza Warns of Imminent Fake Alien Invasion

John DeSouza About Fake Alien Invasion 2022

The Blue Beam Project is a conspiracy theory about a project whose purpose is to create an artificial Second Coming, in order to control the population. According to the theory, the purpose of the New World Order is to abolish all religions in order to replace them with one-world religion. Abolish all national identities to establish a global identity. Abolish the family as it is known today to replace it with individuals who all work for the glory of the new world government.

It is noteworthy that during the pandemic caused by the spread of the coronavirus, the Blue Beam theory re-emerged as the scenario described by the Canadian journalist Serge Monast, especially because of the method of epidemics to establish control over humanity in the third and last phase. So some believe that this process has already begun. Now, is this scenario real?

The key moment of the interview was DeSouza’s prediction that Tic Tac UFOs/UAPs, which has so far only appeared around Navy ships, will soon turn hostile and aggressive against civilians.

“They may not be killing people yet, but they will do things to disable ships, they will actually have a real physical confrontation,” the former special agent continues to reveal. “Because at this point they need to ratchet up the fear more than they have. It can’t be just this: oh, the Tic Tacs appeared and slid and then disappeared. They will have to raise that level.”

Since DeSouza worked for the US FBI, he is referring to the US government. Salla himself mentions Project Blue Beam, which Monast linked to NASA and the UN. Apart from the “fake invasion”,   DeSouza also talked about the Men in Black, the Moon as an artificial structure, motherships, or alien arks.

“My calling is to show people that they already have what they need to move up,” DeSouza emphasizes. “The first and biggest lie has been debunked: that this material facade is all there is. Then we must awaken to our own supernatural abilities. These skills must then be tied to faith and belief. Faith and supernatural abilities will then determine everything in life and beyond.”

Former FBI Special Agent John DeSouza Warns of Imminent Fake Alien Invasion

While DeSouza’s remarks have caused quite a stir in the conspiracy community, skeptics say he doesn’t present (at least in this interview) any evidence. However, coincidence or not, we would be in the fourth phase of the project, which is to make humanity think that an alien invasion is about to happen.

On the other hand, let Christians think that it is the time of the Second Coming. And finally, the implantation of microchips in people will allow supernatural dark forces to travel through fiber optic, coaxial, electrical, and telephone lines to penetrate our bodies. Then chaos will break out and people will finally accept the New World Order. We’ll have to wait to see if John DeSouza is right and the “fake alien invasion” begins.

Do you think the next step is the fake alien invasion?

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