Former Google Executive Warns AI Could Create a Deadly Plague

An artificial intelligence pioneer and former Google executive has issued a strong warning about the technology he helped unleash on the world.

Mustafa Suleyman is the founder of Inflection AI, a self-learning startup that is known for developing the Pi chatbot. His path to this achievement was based on a decade of experience as co-founder of DeepMind, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) company, which was eventually acquired by Google in 2014.

As such, it could then be considered a pioneer in the technology that is emerging today and transforming the world as we know it. So when he says something about it, it is advisable to pay close attention.

“The bleakest scenario for AI is that they use it to experiment with pathogens, engineered synthetic pathogens that could end up being more transmissible, whether accidentally or intentionally,” Suleyman stated in a recent episode of The Diary of a CEO podcast.

“Viral diseases manipulated by AI could spread more quickly or be more lethal,” he continued, which could cause “more harm” and even kill people “like a pandemic.”

Contain AI before it contains us

Suleyman thinks that we are currently playing with fire and that we could get burned if we are not careful.

«We cannot allow anyone to have access. “We need to limit who can use AI software, cloud systems, and even some of the biological materials,” he warned.

With more and more people learning to use this technology than ever before, there is little to stop someone from genetically generating a viral pathogen worse than anything seen before and releasing it into the world. That is why the co-founder of DeepMind advocates a “containment” strategy in AI similar to what NATO has in place for nuclear weapons.

“We have to limit access to the tools, and the knowledge, necessary to carry out that kind of experimentation,” Suleyman concluded.

Source: The Diary of a CEO/The Byte

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