The Near-Death Confessions Of A Neurosurgeon, “Life After Death Does Exist !”

Confessions of a neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander (October 8, 2012), who had a near-death experience: As a neurosurgeon, I have never believed in a phenomenon associated with near-death experiences.
I grew up in the scientific world as the son of a neurosurgeon.
I walked in the footsteps of my father and won the title of neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School and other universities.
I thought that I understand what happens in the brain when people are near death, and I always believed that there is a good scientific explanation for the celestial journey outside the body, which describes people who approached death.

In autumn 2008, after seven days in a coma, in which my brain was completely idle, I experienced something so deep and intense that it gave me a scientific reason to be confident about life after death.

Four years ago, early in the morning, I woke up with a headache. Within a few hours of my entire cortex, which is responsible for thoughts and emotions, and in essence, makes us human, it stopped working.
Doctors from Lynchburg General Hospital in Virginia (the hospital where I myself worked as a neurosurgeon) concluded that I was hit very rare bacterial meningitis that mostly attacks rather newborns.
E. coli bacteria hit the cerebrospinal fluid and began to eat it away at my brain.

When I was at the intensive care unit, my chances of survival were very small and the situation was getting worse. During the seven days, I lay on the bed in a deep coma. My body did not respond to external stimuli and my brain was completely out of order.

Life after death does exist

On the seventh day in the hospital when my doctors considered whether to continue my treatment or not. There is no scientific explanation for the fact that while my body lay in a coma, my mind was fully conscious and I was alive and healthy.

My nerve tissue in the brain was paralyzed by bacteria that sidelined me completely out of action. Thanks to my consciousness embarked on a journey into another dimension vast Universe. Dimensions of which I had never even dreamed existed and that my old self with utter joy said nothing like that simply could exist.
But the dimension, Which has been described by countless people who have experienced near-death experiences or other mystical states, there really exists.

I’m not the first who gained the experience that consciousness exists beyond the body. Flashes of these experiences are as old as humanity itself.

It took me several months before when I compared what happened to me.
It was not just that I was conscious, even when I was in a coma. Much more important was what happened to me during that time. When I go back to the beginning of my experience,

I remember how I was in the clouds. Great inflated pink and white clouds, which showed clearly against the blue-black sky. Above the clouds (above, far above) the crowds poured in shimmering translucent creatures.

Birds? Angels? These words occurred to me until later when I was writing my memories. Neither one of those words in fact does not reflect the essence of these beings that were totally different from anything I have known on this planet Earth. They were more advanced – higher forms.

From above, I heard a huge sound booming as the famous chant, and I wondered whether this sound consists of those winged creatures. (Again, I thought about it later …) I felt that living creatures were so happy that I was there. The sound was almost palpable, like the rain that you can feel on the skin. In this case, but not soggy.

It was even stranger. there was someone else with me. It was a woman. She was young and I recall how she looked to the smallest detail. She had high cheekbones and deep blue eyes. Golden-brown hair framed her beautiful face.

The report had three parts, and if it should translate from earthly speech, one could say that it sounded somehow this:

You’re loved and cherished being sincere and forever.

You do not have to worry.

There’s nothing you can do wrong.

This news overwhelmed me with a huge sense of relief and crazy excitement. It was as if someone finally explained the rules of the game I’ve played all my life without it but I fully understand the essence.

“We will show you a lot of things here,” the woman said again without words but with very clear ideas essence directed straight to me. “Or you can come back.”

On this one, I had only one question: “Back where?”

Blowing warm wind like in the beautiful summer days. Scattering the leaves of trees and distant past like heavenly water. Divine wind. Everything changed and moved the world around me again an octave higher – the higher vibration.

Although I still had little ability to speak, as we understand it on Earth, I began wordlessly asking questions about the magical wind and the divine beings who stood behind me or rather drifted with the wind.

Where am I?

Who I am?

Why am I here?

Every time I quietly made one of those ideas came to the immediate response in the form of exploding colors of light, love, and beauty that passed through me like a shock wave. What was absolutely amazing in these explosions, was that all my questions were answered. They answered them, but in a way that was beyond the language.

Ideas came directly. But it was not the way we’re used to on Earth. It was vague, intangible, or abstract. These ideas were solid and immediate – hotter than fire and wetter than water – and every time I got the answer I was able to fully understand the concepts in every detail, which took me on Earth for many years.

I continued. I walked into the infinite dark space. It was so incredibly relaxing. Intense black was still permeated with light – a light that seemed to me to come from a huge brilliant orb, whom I felt close to each other. The orb was like a translator between me and what I was surrounded by. It was like I was born into a vast world. The universe itself was like a giant cosmic womb and orb (which I felt was somehow connected with it or was even the same woman on butterfly wings) that accompanied me.

Later, when I returned, I found a quote from the 17th century. Christian poet Henry Vaughan, who came into close contact with this magical place, this huge inky black spot, which was the home of Divinity itself.

“There is, one might say, God’s darkness pervaded light …”

That was exactly it: inky thick darkness that was permeated with intense light.

Fully I understand how extremely and utterly unbelievable that all sounds. If someone (and additionally doctor) said something like that in the past, I am absolutely sure that it is under some delusion. But what happened to me was completely distanced some illusion. It was real and actually much more real than if anything in my life. And that includes our wedding and the birth of two sons.

This is what happened to me asking for clarification.

Modern scientists tell us that the universe is uniform – that is indivisible. Although it seems to us that we live in a world of separation and differences (quantum) physics tells us that beneath the surface of every object and event in the universe are completely interconnected with every other object or event. There’s no real separation.

Before my personal experience, these words were mere abstractions. Today it is a reality for me. Not only that the universe is defined as a unity, but is also (now I know) is defined by love. The universe, as I experienced during coma (with utter shock and joy) is the same thing, they spoke of Einstein and Jesus, though each in a different sense.

I spent a decade as a neurosurgeon in the most prestigious medical establishments in our country. I know that many of my Peers are like I was and I will advocates of the theory, according to which the brain and especially the cerebral cortex generates and acknowledge that we live in a universe without many emotions including love bezpodmienečnej, as you now know, for us radiates God and the universe. But this faith, this theory is now in ruins. What has happened to me, it ruined.

I plan to spend the rest of my life investigating the nature of consciousness right and explaining that we are more, much more than our physical brains. It is something we will try to explain as clearly as it can be to scientific colleagues and other people.

Nečakám that it will be no easy task, for the reasons I described. When the castle’s old scientific theory starts to collapse, nobody that initially does not pay attention. Building an old castle stood in the first place too much work and if it collapses, it will be in its place build a brand new one.

I came to it then as I was recovering and I came back to life. I began to talk with my wife Holley, who suffered a lot, and our two sons. According viewing angles full of polite disbelief especially on the part of my friends’ doctors I very nearly found Akou will be a difficult task for me to explain to people what I experienced during the week while my brain was off.

One of the places where I did not have a problem explaining my experiences, the church was – the place where I previously lived only rarely. First, as I entered the church after the coma, I have seen all too well. Stained glass colors reminded me of the sparkling beauty of the landscape that I saw up there. When the deep organ tones, I have been remembering that the thoughts and emotions of the Hereafter are like waves that are moving through you.

And most importantly that image of Jesus, and his disciples evoked in me a message that was the essence of my path – that God loves and accepts us unconditionally and endlessly, much more than I was taught in my childhood.

Today, many believe the religious truths have lost their potency and that science, not religion, is the path to truth. Before my treat at I strongly doubted that it was my case.

But now I understand that such a view is the easiest. The plain fact is that the materialist picture of the body and the brain, forming human consciousness is doomed to extinction. In its place comes a new view of the mind and body.

This view is scientific and spiritual at the same time and the highest value will be what we always take great scientists weighed the most out of all – the truth. This new picture of reality will generate long.

This will not be completed in our time, and probably not even in a time when our children grow up. The reality is too immensely complex and mysterious to it that it created a perfect image. But essentially turns the universe as an evolving, viacdimenzionálny, known to God, to the last atom. God, who is taking care of us even deeper and more awe than any loving parent of your child.

Do you believe in after-life?

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