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10 Ghost Facts That Will Freak You Out

We all have heard about paranormal activities and supernatural entities here are the top 10 ghost facts that will freak you out.

The Sudden Chills And Shivering

  • If you feel shivered all of a sudden without an explainable circumstance, it means that there is a paranormal entity around you, Be it an evil spirit or dark ghost who has just walked by your side. Our sixth sense acts as a radar to feel supernatural activities
10 Ghost facts that will freak you out

Strange People In Our Dreams

  • Paranormal experts said that if you saw an unfamiliar person in your dream, it is actually the ghost watching you while you were sleeping
10 Ghost facts that will freak you out

Evil Stare

  • Ghosts, Devils, and creatures that belong to hell are empowered with a supernatural power called Evil Stare. As our senses can detect paranormal activities around us, we can guess those happenings so next time when you sense someone staring at you and you find no one visible around you. You better know what to do.
10 Ghost facts that will freak you out

Residual Hauntings

  • Most ghostly disturbances are actually residue or residual hauntings. these events play themselves over and over again without the spirit having any control over it.

Ghosts On Street

  • Out of every 200 people we see in the streets 2 of them are ghosts or spirits

Ouija Board

  • The Inventors of the OUIJA board claim it got its name when they asked it what it should be called they also asked what ouija means the board replied it means good luck 

Children And Teens Are More Prone To Paranormal Activities

  • Hauntings are most likely to happen around young children entering puberty, as kids this age are emitting immense amounts of energy.

Animals Can Sense Spirits

  • Animals can see or sense spirits, that’s why you often see them just staring intensely at what appears to be nothing So if you often see your pet staring at empty places you better watch out.cats-big-blue-eyes-cat-animals-free-wallpapers-736x491

Ghosts Don’t Realize They Are Dead

  • Most of the ghosts don’t realize that they are dead most of them stay in a state of dilemma. They are always stressed and frustrated which starts to convert them into evil spirits.giphy

Ghosts Cannot Kill You

  • Ghosts Can’t kill you. they can only scare you or move things around you but they can make you kill yourself so beware

If you know any other interesting ghost facts then please mention them in the comment section.

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