Discovery of Giant Skeletons: Pieces Of Evidence That Giants Existed On Earth

Numerous ancient texts including the Bible mention a time when Giants did walk on Earth.
Ancient civilizations around the world mention in their folklore about the giants.
Mahabharata have mentioned about Ghatotkacha who was a Giant.
Similar stories can be found in the sacred Thai texts of Ceylon, in Greek mythology, as well as in the Aztec, Egyptian, Irish or Basque traditions.
Countless newspaper reports dating back more than 100 years detail the discovery of massive bones of what many people believe to have belonged to real Giants.

Discovery of Giant Skeletons: Pieces Of Evidence That Giants Existed On Earth

Iowa Mound Skeletons

In 1897, an unspecified newspaper reported unusual finds in Indian mounds in Iowa. 
Archaeologists allegedly dug up a skeleton, 229 cm in height there. 
In another burial mound of the same state, archaeologists stumbled upon a large chamber containing as many as 11 skeletons. 
They were arranged in an unusual way in a circle, in the center of which was a large shell.
All these skeletons were also unusually tall, over 2 meters. 
And when archaeologists began to work there, they came across an unusual substance, similar to copper powder.

Ozarks Giant

In 1933, the Missouri state newspaper reported a find in the small resort town of the Ozarks. 
A local boy, Billy Hartman, crawled into Puckett Cave by the Meramec River in search of ancient Indian arrowheads and spears that were allegedly seen there.
And he found more than he wanted. 
He found a depression in the cave where human bones lay. 
The boy reported them to adults, and when they collected a complete skeleton from the bones, it turned out to be 244 cm long. 

Discovery of Giant Skeletons: Pieces Of Evidence That Giants Existed On Earth

Skeleton from Ohio

On January 21, 1899, the Miamisburg Daily Telegraph came out with a big headline on the front page, saying “Giant Body Recovered.” 
The article reported on the “world’s largest” human skeleton, found in the area of ​​Indian mounds near Miamisburg.
By that time, archaeological excavations had been going on in these mounds for a long time, and many of the most common artifacts were found here. 
However, the skeleton, almost 250 cm tall, clearly stood out against their background.
But most of all archaeologists were puzzled not even by the growth of the skeleton, but by the fact that the bones were fossilized. 
That is, the skeleton has been lying there since at least prehistoric times, which seemed impossible, in that era, there were no people in America yet.

Another mystery was that although the structure of the skeleton was quite modern, its skull seemed much more primitive. 
What happened next with this find is unknown.

Giant from San Diego

Discovery of Giant Skeletons: Pieces Of Evidence That Giants Existed On Earth

On October 7, 1895, The World newspaper reported on the discovery of a giant Indian mummy, 274 cm tall, near San Diego (California).
The mummy was most likely a female because it was clutching the remains of a child to its breast.

The Giant finger

Other than these skeletal remains, a giant finger was also found.
A finger of what is believed to have belonged to a creature of immense height was found in Egypt around 50 years ago. The finger is believed to be authentic and is 28 centimeters in length.
Some reports suggest that the being it belonged to was at least 5 meters in height.

Book of Giants

Discovered more than half a decade ago, the so-called Book of Giants is considered one of the most fascinating, yet controversial discoveries ever made on Earth.
Found together with thousands of ancient scrolls, the Book of Giants describes the demise of the ancient Nephilim.
The ancient manuscript speaks about the creatures that inhabited our planet in the distant past and how they were destroyed.

A small piece of the Book Of Giants and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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