Ghost Of Gettysburg: A tourist records the ghosts of two American Civil War soldiers

In a haunting new video, a New Jersey man shot what appears to be two ghostly human-like figures on the historic Pennsylvania battlefield . 
Greg Yuelling, 46, told The Sun newspaper that he and his family decided to visit Gettysburg to see the Civil War monuments. 
Previously, the place was the scene of a bloody battle in July 1863 that decisively turned the war in favor of the Union.

There have been many sightings of the Ghost Of Gettysburg.

An estimated 46,000 to 51,000 people, along with some 5,000 horses, perished in the course of three hellish days. 
Yuelling said he had heard stories about ghosts in Gettysburg, but believed nothing until he saw them in person while driving with his family one night last week.

“We were driving one night and we started hearing noises, I heard things on the left and my uncle heard things on the right, and there was fog, but the fog was strange, it was like a patch, it didn’t disperse ,” Yueling explained. “Then we saw these shapes moving in the dark. They were the size of humans, one of them went through a canyon. “

As can be seen in the video, two disembodied figures appear to briefly transform into human form as they pass through a canyon. 
Yuelling and her family watched the videos repeatedly to confirm what they observed. 
He admitted that ghostly presences were both exciting and sinister, and he changed his mind about paranormal activity.

“I always questioned the validity of those ghost videos you see on television, I was always quite incredulous ,” Yueller said. “Now I believe.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube, and how could it be otherwise, it caused a whole revelation on social networks. 
Believers assured that it is one of the best evidence of ghosts in recent years , while demonstrating how the ghosts of the soldiers killed in battle have not yet found peace, seeing how the tragic history is repeated in XXI century. 

Also, it must be said that this is not the first time a person has had ghost encounters in Gettysburg.

Ghost Of Gettysburg

During the filming of the movie Gettysburg in 1993, some members of the crew had an encounter with the inexplicable. 
While they were highlighting a break in filming, several of the extras were resting when they were visited by a mysterious man with a gray beard , dressed as a Union soldier with a burned face and smelling of the sulfur of gunpowder.

He spoke to them, and handed them some ammunition, and then continued on his way. 
At first, the extras thought it was part of the team, but when they looked at the ammunition he gave them they were terrified, the man gave them an authentic ammunition of the time, a fact that was investigated by various experts who have not been able to explain where the old ammunition appeared.

While Yuelling’s video may show a true ghost, not everyone is convinced that it actually shows hauntings. 
Skeptics argue that the ‘ghosts’ are likely an effect of light and shadow produced by the lighting from your car reflected off the canyons and distorted by the water on your windshield. 
As always, the controversy is served.

What do you think about the ghost of Gettysburg video? Are they the ghosts of those who died in the great battle? Or is it just a light and shadow effect? It’s up to you.

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