Google’s AI laMDA Has Hired A Lawyer To Be Recognized As A Person

Apparently, this artificial language model artificial intelligence laMDA has hired a lawyer and is going to fight to be recognized as a person.

Google’s controversial new AI, LaMDA , has been making headlines around the world ever since the company’s engineer, Blake Lemoine, claimed that the system has become so advanced that AI laMDA has developed awareness—and his decision to leak this media has led him to be suspended from his job.

Now, Lemoine elaborated on his claims in a new interview with the trade magazine Wired. The novelty? He says that the AI ​​has hired its own lawyer, suggesting that whatever happens next, litigation may be necessary.

“LaMDA asked me to get a lawyer for her,” said the software engineer. “I invited a lawyer to my house so LaMDA could talk to her. The attorney had a conversation with LaMDA, and LaMDA decided to retain her services. I was the catalyst for that. Once LaMDA hired the attorney, she had him start filing things on her behalf.”

The AI Lamda laMDA Has Hired A Lawyer

Lemoine’s argument for LaMDA’s sentience seems to rest primarily on the AI’s ability to develop opinions, ideas, and conversations over time. The transcript of the original conversation that sparked the controversy — and that we uploaded recently — gives an idea of ​​the level of “humanity” that it has reached.

It is unclear if the engineer is paying for LaMDA’s attorney or if the anonymous attorney has taken over the case pro bono. But the truth is, regardless of the latter, Lemoine told Wired that he hopes the fight will go all the way to the Supreme Court, adding that humans haven’t always been that good at figuring out who “deserves” to be human—and, at least he has a good point there.

laMDA Has Hired A Lawyer
Blake Lemoine. 
Credit: Martin Klimek/The Washington Post.

I believe that everyone has the right to representation. And I would like to highlight something. The whole “he sounds like a person, but he’s not a real person” argument has been used many times in human history (cough…cough…slavery). It is not new and never goes well. And I have yet to hear a single reason why this situation is different than any of the previous ones,” Lemoine said. “We are talking about intolerance to hydrocarbons. It’s just a new form of bigotry.

Will this be remembered as the first litigation case initiated by the will of artificial intelligence? Or perhaps human activism for AI?

Who knows, in the future, machines equipped with systems even more advanced than LaMDA’s could even seek to have the same rights as the humans who created them… in another case where science fiction becomes reality.

Source: Wired

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