Government Reports Of UFO Over Japanese Military Base: Super Sonic Speed And Impossible Maneuverability

Among the many reported UFO sightings, the most convincing and plausible are those near military airbases. Here we often have very reliable and prepared witnesses who have very little reason to lie, and who, as a rule, no matter how puzzled by what they see, do not immediately blame the aliens, but try to find a logical explanation. Let’s take a look at the fascinating case of a UFO Over Japanese Military Base.

Government Reports Of UFO Over Japanese Military Base: Super Sonic Speed And Impossible Maneuverability

Stories of UFO Over Japanese Military bases mostly come from the US and Europe, but it also happens in other countries, including Japan.

On the island of Hokkaido, in a place called Chitose, there is an airbase for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. In 1947, that is, shortly after the end of World War II, the United States took over this base for their own needs, and shortly thereafter – from July 1, 1947, to September 16, 1947, this place became the center of a very strange series of UFO sightings that never happened. received a rational explanation.

On July 1, 1947, a strange target appeared on the radar of Chitose, located 16 miles north of the base on a course of 180 degrees. The target was moving at a speed of 500 miles per hour at an altitude of about 3 km. 

Then, in front of observers, the target abruptly changed course 360 ​​degrees and flew 28 miles before abruptly changing course again, now 240 degrees. The object then flew back and returned to its original position before disappearing from radar range. 

Japanese Kawasaki T-4 aircraft at Chitose Air Base (2013)
Japanese Kawasaki T-4 aircraft at Chitose Air Base (2013)

During the incident, the object not only defied the known laws of physics and the capabilities of aeronautics at the time but also split into two smaller objects before merging back together. Below is part of the official report on this observation:

“In the case of July 1, 1947, it was indicated that this was more than one object and the size of the objects was comparable to the size of four P-51 aircraft. When this target initially changed course at point A, it broke up into two objects, and then again merged into one large object on its outgoing course.”

The origin of the mysterious object could not be found, but whatever it was, it was clear that these were not local aircraft, since according to those laws, two military aircraft were not allowed to fly simultaneously in the sky over this area.

Two more similar objects spotted by radar were recorded on August 29 and September 16 of the same year, and the September incident showed that something was moving at supersonic speed and demonstrated maneuverability far beyond the capabilities of even the most modern aircraft of those years.

The Official Report Regarding The UFO Over Japanese Military Base 

“The speed given in the last report seems unreasonable for manned aircraft since it was well recorded in the supersonic range. The target, if it was an aircraft, would require an extremely large supply of fuel for this speed. If it was a missile, then it is difficult to imagine it working for a period of time long enough to enable her to return to her base.

The information presented does not unequivocally state that all of the objects reported were either aircraft or aerial missiles, but supports the conclusion that they were not natural phenomena.”

In 1952, a strange UFO incident took place at the Haneda Air Force Base, located near Tokyo. On August 5, 1952, two Air Force control tower operators at the base noticed a bright light in the sky. This object approached the base and hovered near the control tower.

Haneda Military Airport in 1952
Haneda Military Airport in 1952

Looking closely at the bright glow, people saw a dark round object. This unidentified object then began to fly around the base, performing aerial maneuvers of varying degrees of complexity, and it was perfectly visible both visually and on the radar.

The mysterious intruder was immediately reported to base officials and an F-94 fighter piloted by W. R. Holder was dispatched to pursue the strange object but was unable to even get close to it. 

The incident report read as follows:

“The F-94 began to pursue a UFO, also being tracked by ground radar, and the object made a series of circular maneuvers repeated several times. At some point, the UFO suddenly sped away at a speed of 300 knots (about 345 miles per hour), splitting into three separate radar targets at spaced intervals. 

Contact with the UFO, either by radar or visually from Haneda Air Base, was maintained for more than 30 minutes. During this period, scattered eyewitnesses saw UFOs exactly where the radar indicated. 

The maneuvers of the UFOs were so clearly under intellectual control that Major Dewey Fournet, the representative of the Blue Book project at the Pentagon, chose him as one of the examples that proved that the UFOs were spaceships from some other planet.

All this, of course, was not reported to the public and was carefully hidden “under the carpet.” The official explanation released to the military was that eyewitnesses saw star-like light from a bright star, and the radar readings were “false radar echoes” caused by a “temperature inversion layer”. 

Move on. In 1963, a UFO visited the Naha airbase in Okinawa. There is a detailed report filed by base personnel. In it, an eyewitness named Marty says that he was watching the sky with a partner named Frank around 11:40 pm on June 26, 1963, when they saw something in the sky that they could not explain.

“It didn’t look like anything we’d ever seen before. I got my binoculars out for a better view. We didn’t use the term ‘UFO’ at the time, but we knew the ship we saw didn’t fit anything.” in the inventory of Air Force aircraft. 

We saw a large, slow-moving disc moving in a steady northerly direction just above our base. We didn’t see the usual flashing navigation lights or red and green wingtip lights, and all pilots who fly at night must have their aircraft’s navigation lights on. 

This was not an unusual cloud formation, flare, or weather balloon. In the Air Force, having worked as communications specialists in control towers and around busy flight lines, Frank and I were well aware of most types of aircraft in the military inventory. 

The object was traveling at about a hundred knots and holding a steady altitude of three or four thousand feet. It was about seventy-five feet in diameter. We saw no antennas, domes, portholes or markings. It was quiet and made no engine noise. 

Having the shape of a disk, it looked flat. The outer surface of the ship appeared to be smooth, made of a dull but reflective metallic material. Its outer edges appeared as thin as a razor.”

At first, Marty and Frank were afraid that the UFO would attack them, and they already decided to get out of there, but, fortunately, the object was moving in the opposite direction from them and they relaxed a little. They then climbed the building’s fire escape to observe the strange object, and they did so until it was out of sight. Then they were confused about what to do with this case and who to tell about it. When they reported the sighting, they were told that there were no signals on the radar. 

In the days that followed, Marty began to carefully watch the sky in the hope of seeing the UFO again, and after several weeks of fruitless searching, he was successful. 

“For a few weeks, I spent my free time watching the night sky and hoping for another sighting. I even bought a Nikon 8mm camera on purpose. I carried it with me wherever I went—just in case. My hopes of seeing a UFO started to fade.” a few weeks later, however, just as I began to think that the earlier sighting was just a one-time flyby, I saw it again. 

After returning to the barracks after the second shift at the Communications Center, I decided to take some rest. I was sitting in a chair on the second floor outside the boarding area. Putting my feet on the railing, I began to remember the first observation. Since I was alone, the thought scared the hell out of me. Just before 1:00 am it reappeared, a ship similar to the one Frank and I had seen a month earlier. 

In an instant, my mind switched from a relaxed state to a fight-or-flight state. My body froze and my adrenaline levels skyrocketed. My hair stood on end and my heart beat faster. I couldn’t move my legs. And my camera was not with me, I left it in my room. 

Mentally, I calculated the best course of action. I was sitting alone in the dark near my barracks, and there was no one around except for the UFO. Common sense soon prevailed, for no beams of light were firing at me from the ship, and it became clear that he had paid no attention to me and was moving north of my position. Thank God. 

Within seconds, my brain regained control of my body and I was able to move my legs. I got up and took the next logical step – I ran like hell.” 

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