Strange blue lights are appearing in the skies around the world

In recent weeks, strange blue lights have been recorded and photographed in skies around the world. A video recorded in Madrid, Spain shows clouds at night turning blue. The mysterious light stays in the clouds for more than seven minutes, then disappears without leaving a trace of what caused it. Since the video was posted on social media on March 20, countless people have reported seeing similar phenomena.

Another video recorded on April 1 in the borough of Queens, New York, appears to show exactly the same lights as those in Madrid. The person who uploaded the video asked if it was “something paranormal” , but no one could explain it. Three days ago, a Reddit user posted three images of the strange blue light over Pennsylvania , United States.

“I had posted about a great sound heard in 5 counties in Pennsylvania 2 weeks ago, these lights were seen directly after,” wrote the user. “Now I see more posts about these blue lights appearing around the world.”

Next, another Redditor posted a photo of a blue light surrounded by dots floating in the sky in Western Australia. And one of the most shocking sightings has occurred on a beach in Barcelona, Spain, on March 15, 2020. According to witnesses, what started out as a strange blue light in the sky during a thunderstorm, transformed into what it seemed. be a giant ufo.

So far no one has been able to find a logical and rational explanation for these strange lights in the sky. In the past, these sightings were attributed to outbreaks emanating from nightclubs and clubs. But with most countries around the world in strict confinement during the coronavirus pandemic, this possibility is completely ruled out. This led skeptics to offer their own explanations. Some said that it was a completely natural phenomenon due to a piezoelectric effect. Apparently, if the large quartz crystal slabs in the Earth’s crust are compressed at a specific angle, it causes a large electric field to generate a local equivalent of an aurora in the sky and usually occurs before a major earthquake.

Strange blue lights

But what is clear is that conspiracy theorists disagree with skeptics. They suggested that the mysterious blue lights in the sky are definitely evidence of an alien invasion. Experts in the field say that the true origin of the coronavirus pandemic would be extraterrestrial and would serve to weaken humans. The next step would be to position the ships over the big cities. Another proof is found in the recent video from the International Space Station , which showed hundreds of lights forming towards our planet.

Although we cannot rule out that it is all about the Blue Beam Project , NASA and the United Nations plan to implant a single religion and the New World Order using giant holograms. And the truth is that the world situation coincides in many ways with the Blue Beam Project: the fact that the coronavirus pandemic can be a hoax , strange lights in the sky, and the supposed hologram of Pope Francis . Now we only have to know if the strange lights in the sky are related to the strange sounds heard in Brazil, Slovakia, USA. USA, Israel or Argentina, and if everything is part of the same plan.

What do you think about the mysterious lights in the sky? An alien invasion? Or do you have another explanation?

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