Security camera records tiny humanoid creatures in Texas home

A strange video of a home security camera that has been viralized on social networks appears to show a pair of tiny humanoid creatures at the entrance of a house in Texas , USA According to the little information we have, the curious video was recorded on the exterior of a private residence in Dallas late last month and was posted on Reddit this week by the bewildered owner hoping someone could find an explanation.

In the images, the tiny ‘visitors’ can be seen apparently walking on two legs at the end of the entrance before disappearing behind a parked car.

 And as expected, the reactions were swift. Some editors have suggested that the anomalous forms could be small humanoid creatures that exist in the folklore of cultures around the world. 
Known as Chaneque in Mexico, Tikoloshe in Zimbabwe, and Puckwudgie among some Native American tribes, these mysterious dwarf-like beings exist in a realm somewhere between cryptozoology and the spirit world with many legends ascribing sinister motives to the entities.

In the case of Mexican folklore, the Chaneque are legendary creatures associated with elemental forces and particular places. 
These creatures were first described by the Aztecs. Mentions of these creatures are common within Mexica mythology, while in Mayan folklore tradition (Yucatan Peninsula), these elementals are known as Alux. 

Traditionally, they are conceived as small, goblin-like beings, elemental forces, and guardians of nature . 

However, today, the Chaneque are more often described as elf-type creatures, attached to a particular home, river, stream, meadow, or well-defined patch of jungle.

It is difficult to describe the physical appearance of a Chaneque. 
Not only does this form vary according to the habitat of each Chaneque, since these creatures are very in tune with their environment, but there have also been very few appearances of such beings. Being related to a house, these beings attacked intruders, frightening them so that their soul would leave their body , which would later lock up the Chaneque in the depths of the earth.

 If the victim did not recover his soul through a specific ritual, he would die shortly after. In nature, they are conceived as protectors and guardians of their territory.

 They are not a problem as long as nature is respected, but those who dare to cause damage to their environment will pay for such actions.

Tiny Humanoid Creatures

The creatures featured in the video would be mischievous spirits dedicated to creating minor accidents or spreading temporary misfortunes .

 In such cases, the presence of a Chaneque inside a house is revealed by the subtle stench of rotten meat. Apart from this theory, others believe that the humanoids that can be seen in the images are invisible aliens, who for whatever reason have ended up physically appearing.

Meanwhile, the most skeptical users have offered a more prosaic explanation of what was recorded by the security camera. 
They say the creatures are probably just birds that have risen from a nearby forest to the entrance of the house late at night. 
They also don’t rule out that the anomalies are, in fact, just digital effects, so the whole thing will be a very well-crafted hoax.

What is your opinion on the strange humanoids? Extraterrestrial beings, folk creatures, or a very well-crafted hoax?

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  1. The are not humanoid nor bipedal. They appear to hover. They are cloaking in a forwards direction. I think they may be a bio-avatar that gestates as a human parasite for use by other-dimensional entities.

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