Harvard Professor Avi Loeb Claims Alien Technology Visited Our Solar System In 2017

In his upcoming book, Alien: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, theoretical physicist Avi Loeb claims that an object that had recently entered our solar system was not just another space rock as most scientists believe, but a form of alien technology.

The unknown space object was named Oumuamua, which roughly translates from Hawaiian as “the first messenger.” 
According to the New York Post, this particular object traveled into our neighborhood from the direction of Vega, a star that is almost 25 light-years away, and intercepted the orbital plane of our solar system on September 6, 2017. 
Scientists initially thought it was an ordinary comet, but Loeb proposed the possibility of another theory stating that the object could be a form of alien technology.

Harvard Professor Avi Loeb Claims Alien Technology Visited Our Solar System In 2017

Some people don’t want to discuss the possibility of other civilizations out there and believe that we are special and unique. I think it is a prejudice that should be abandoned.

Avi Loeb

Loeb observed the space rock from different angles and discovered a number of strange properties about the object, including its cigar shape and dimensions. 
Furthermore, it was unusually bright and at least ten times more reflective than typical stony asteroids or comets in the solar system.

“This would make the geometry of Oumuamua more extreme, at least a few times in aspect ratio, or between its width and its height than the most extreme asteroids or comets that we have seen.”

Avi Loeb

However, what led the scientist to turn to his current hypothesis is that Oumuamua did not follow the trajectory calculated for a space object of his supposed nature.

 “It accelerated slightly, but to a very statistically significant degree, as it moved away from the Sun.” Something that it was supposed to do when it gets close. And although comets can have this type of behavior when releasing gases, the problem is that Oumuamua did not show any trace of a tail that would betray it as such. In other words, it was clearly being pushed by a force other than the gravity of the Sun.”

Avi Loeb

These anomalies led Loeb to speculate that it could be a probe or space junk that once served as a navigation buoy used by an alien civilization long ago.

“The only way to search for alien civilizations is to search for their garbage, just as investigative journalists sift through celebrities’ garbage to discover their secrets.”

Avi Loeb
Harvard Professor Avi Loeb Claims Alien Technology Visited Our Solar System In 2017
Loeb, who is involved in a LightSail project to send a small unmanned spacecraft to a nearby star, said that if we earthlings have thought of this idea, why couldn’t the aliens?

The Harvard professor firmly believes that there could be an extraterrestrial life in the universe, and says that humans are not the only conscious species in the cosmos. 
think that hundreds of technological objects like Oumuamua perhaps debris from vanished interstellar civilizations could be out there waiting to be discovered.

Recently, the former head of Israel’s space security program also claimed that aliens are real and have visited us. 
Haim Eshed, who has served for 30 years, stated that aliens are secretly in contact with the United States, yet they keep their existence hidden as humanity is not prepared yet.

Source: NY Post

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