Heathrow Airport Cameras Capture UFO Along Commercial Airplane Landing (Video)

The enigmatic glowing object passed over the sky of Heathrow, (United Kingdom) on Sunday. The video of the object was shared by Airlive who captured it in its live broadcast. Many social media have echoed the video and it is debated if it is a meteorite or if it could be a UFO.(Heathrow airport)

These extraordinary images have captured the moment when an enigmatic glowing object rushes over the earth, crossing the airspace of Heathrow Airport, in England. The video was captured last Sunday. Just at that moment several planes are waiting for orders from the control tower to land, but at the moment in which the object was caught falling, a commercial plane full of people was landing.

After having been studied by researchers and onlookers, it has not been possible to determine if it is a meteorite or another type of object. No remains of the hypothetical meteorite have been found that, if it had fallen to the ground, it would have fractured in tens or hundreds of pieces, since as seen in the images, the object is quite bulky. The truth is that this incident caused overload failures in the commercial aircraft.(Heathrow airport)


Airlive.net cameras, which are live cameras installed at the London airport, captured the moment of the incident. In an Airlive tweet, an operator posted the video with the title: “Look, a shooting star that our camera has just captured in the sky at Heathrow Airport!”

Speaking to MailOnline, Clemens Rumpf, a member of the University of Southampton who specializes in the study of space debris, said: “My hunch is that it was a large meteorite about one meter in diameter.”(Heathrow airport)

“These events happen several times a year, but they can be spectacular when captured in the camera. Probably there is no immediate danger to any passenger plane since these objects tend to burn, as seen in the images, at altitudes of 20 to 45 miles (30 to 70 km), well above the flight level of the aircraft. “

Larger objects are worrisome for public safety, since they release enough energy that they cause great damage when falling on land, as with the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013. The video has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter, but some disagree with the given description. Many claim that expanding the image can guess the shape of the object and that it recalls the famous flying saucers.(Heathrow airport)

Twitter user Paul Mottershead said: “That was not a shooting star. More like a great meteorite . 

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