Metallic Egg-Shaped UFO Was stored at Area 51, Says Military Contractor

Engineers at the Nevada Air Base said the CIA found the strange craft in the desert and brought it to them for investigation. However, they later transferred it to another base when they were unable to access its interior.

Metallic Egg-Shaped UFO Was stored at Area 51, Says Military Contractor
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Eric Taber has been a defense aerospace contractor for 13 years and has had security clearance to work on military aircraft. Now, in an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, he revealed the story told to him by his late great-uncle, Sam Urquhart—who worked as a contractor at Area 51—about a UFO at the mysterious desert base.

Taber testified in May before the Pentagon’s UFO investigation unit, the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office ( AARO ), which has been collecting accounts of alleged government possession of non-human craft.

The claim — although an unverified story from a now-deceased witness — is part of a long history of rumors about possible extraterrestrial craft or futuristic spacecraft stored at the Nevada desert air base near Groom Lake, north of Las Vegas.

Eric Taber testified before the Pentagon’s UFO office in May about his great-uncle’s story about an egg-shaped non-human craft at Area 51.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that it comes shortly after whistleblowers told Congress that the government has a secret program to capture crashed or grounded “non-human” vehicles and has been trying to obtain technological knowledge of these alleged otherworldly objects for decades.

Such complaints have led lawmakers to draft an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act 2024 to disclose such programs. It is currently in the approval process in Congress.

The Egg-Shaped UFO Recovered By The US Government

Taber spoke only about his great-uncle’s story to Daily Mail, declining to comment on his work as a defense contractor. She said she became friends with his grandmother’s brother after moving to the West Coast from Mississippi in 2012.

The young engineer said he repeatedly questioned Urquhart about the veracity of the rumors of aliens in Area 51, and he was always evasive. But one day he finally relented.

“My great uncle served in the Air Force for 28 years, rank E8 (equivalent to first sergeant),” Taber detailed. “He told me that he worked at Area 51 from 1997 to 2014.”

Urquhart began his work at Area 51 for defense contractor EG&G, which later partnered with Raytheon to become JT3 LLC and JT4 LLC.

«He was the head of security for their engineering group and a data configuration specialist. His group was conducting radar cross-section tests. I kept asking him about UFOs. He said, “I don’t know anything.” Then one day we were on his back porch and he said, “Well, I’ll tell you about a ship I heard about.”

According to what he told him, in 1997 he had a personal conversation with a senior engineer at EG&G, whose group was tasked with trying to reverse engineer an object that had been brought there by some people from the CIA in the 1980s. Supposedly, it had been recovered in a remote desert location completely intact.

“EG&G’s senior engineer described to my great-uncle that the object was egg-shaped, the size of an SUV, smooth and without rivets, metallic in appearance, silvery gray in color, without flight control surfaces, without ailerons, without nozzles, and without writing or symbols on the outside,” explained Taber.

«These are the best and brightest engineers you can imagine. They tried without success to find out what the power source was, how to activate it and how it worked. They tried to induce electricity into it. X-rays could not penetrate it; It appeared as a solid object on the x-ray. They tried to open it and penetrate its hull; “They couldn’t,” he continued.

«What they were able to do was take some very small samples of the material. “And I’m not a chemistry expert, but I guess from the isotope ratio or the mixture of elements, they concluded that it was not made on Earth.”

Taber testified that Urquhart told him that the ship was eventually sent to another base, possibly the White Sands Missile Test Range in New Mexico, and that was the last the engineers heard about it.

There is a photograph of the UFO

But the story didn’t stop there, his great-uncle collected radar data and took it to secure vaults to catalog and store it. In one of these rooms, in the main building nicknamed the Taj Mahal, he claimed to see on the wall a color photograph of an object that uncannily matched the description the senior engineer had given.

Taber shared images with Daily Mail that Urquhart showed him, including a group photo with his fellow Area 51 engineers in a trailer during a break at the base, and a badge patch designed for his radar analysis group. But the supposed key photo of the egg-shaped object never left the Area 51 vault.

Metallic Egg-Shaped UFO Was stored at Area 51, Says Military Contractor
Sam Urquhart with his colleagues in a rest trailer at Area 51, taken around 2000. Urquhart presented Taber with a department badge (inset on the right) with symbols alluding to his work analyzing radar signals.

“Sam said the American people would probably never get to see it,” Taber admitted.

Urquhart, a 28-year-old Air Force veteran who served in the Vietnam and Gulf wars, died in August last year at age 75. His story has been documented by AARO after Taber was interviewed by staff in May.

A memorandum of his account, along with other reports and witness statements, is expected to be compiled and sent to Congress next year.

Area 51 and Bob Lazar

As an attentive reader may have noticed, this story mentions Area 51 and Groom Lake, names that became famous in 1989, when a certain Bob Lazar claimed to have worked there on a reverse-engineered alien flying saucer program—although many elements of its history have since been discredited.

In this regard, Taber noted that his great-uncle told him that he knew that Lazar worked at the base, but that much of his story was fabricated.

“He was only there for a few months and claimed that there was a site called S-4 at the base of the Papoose Mountains with nine hangar sections built into the side of the mountain housing nine flying saucers. My great uncle said that’s false. The only thing Papoose had was some radio tower equipment. That was his opinion on the matter,” he concluded.

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