The Alien Abduction of Christa Tilton: Hidden Underground Military Base And Strange People In Cells

The story of Christa Tilton, a resident of the American state of New Mexico, is one of those rare cases where victims of alien abduction remember a lot of details of what happened to them and what they saw.

The Alien Abduction Of Christa Tilton

This happened in July 1987, when Christa Tilton suddenly “passed out” in the afternoon, and when she regained consciousness, she found that she had “disappeared” for three hours, during which she did not know where she was and what happened to her.

At first, she did not give it much concern, thinking that she had passed out from fatigue or something else. But soon she began to suffer from nightmares, in which she saw strange things but felt a strong fear. And somehow, Tilton decided that these nightmares were the result of her “lost” three hours.

This led Christa Tilton to look for similar cases that happened to other people, after which she realized that she could be a victim of alien abduction. And then Tilton, on the advice of one of the ufologists, decided on regressive hypnosis.

During the hypnosis sessions, a whole wave of lost memories, very vivid and detailed, washed over her. The first thing Christa Tilton remembered was that she had not just lost consciousness, but this happened after two small humanoid creatures approached her and grabbed her by the arms.

Her next memory was that she was inside the “ship” on the table and another humanoid approached her, whom she later gave the nickname “guide”.

Drawing Of Aliens And UFOs By Christa Tilton
Christa Tilton’s Drawing Of Aliens

He gave her a glass of some liquid and told her to drink, and when Tilton drank, she immediately felt incredibly cheerful and “charged with energy.” After that, the humanoid took her out of the “ship” and she found herself in a deserted area next to a small hill.

“It was dark, but I saw a faint light near what looked like a cave. We approached this place, and then I saw a man (or a very humanoid-like one) dressed in a red military-style jumpsuit, like the pilots. Mine the guide seemed to know the man because he greeted him as we got closer, and I noticed that he had some sort of patch on his uniform and that he was carrying an automatic weapon. 

When we entered the cave, we found ourselves in a tunnel and I realized that we were going directly under a large hill or mountain. There we were met by another guard in red, and then I saw a computerized checkpoint with two cameras on each side. To my left there was a large groove where a small transit vehicle was parked. To my right, it looked like a long corridor with many offices. 

We got into a transit car and, it seemed, took a very long time to drive to another protected area. Then I was told to stand on some kind of scale-like device facing the computer screen. I saw the lights flash and some calculations were done, and then a card was issued with holes punched in it. Later I realized that it was used for identification inside the computer. 

I asked my guide where we were going and why. He replied sparingly that he should show me some things that I need to know for future use. Then he told me that we had just entered the first level of the “institution.” I asked what institution it was, but he did not answer. “

Christa Tilton

The guide then took her to a large elevator with no door and they went downstairs, while she noticed that they were going down to “Level 2”. 

There were offices and seemingly ordinary people who walked back and forth, seemingly not paying any attention to the presence of Tilton and the guide, just going about their business, as if they were not there. 

All this looked more like an ordinary office building if you do not pay attention to the armed guards in colored overalls, standing everywhere, and at some point, Christa Tilton and the conductor walked past what looked like some kind of huge factory, next to which there was a transport a medium similar to a small “flying saucer”. 

When she looked at this factory and the strange ship, she saw the typical “Gray Aliens” handling the ship’s maintenance, who also ignored her as if she had every right to be there in this world. 

After that, Christa Tilton was transferred to another elevator to Level 5, where she was asked to change. By this point, she began to experience intense fear, but her guide assured her that nothing bad would happen to her. She put on a hospital gown, was weighed, and scanned with some kind of electrical device, after which she was escorted past another security post and down another corridor. 

Drawing Of The Facility By Christa Tilton
Drawing Of The Facility By Christa Tilton

It was here that a wave of overwhelming stench suddenly hit her, similar, according to Tilton, to the strong smell of formaldehyde. She knew what formaldehyde smelled like because she worked as a nurse when she was young.

The guide assured her that everything was in order, but the smell was very depressing.

“We approached a large room and I stopped to look inside. I saw huge large tanks with computerized sensors attached to them and a huge hand-like device that extended from the top of some tube down into the tanks. The tanks were about 4 feet high, so from where I was, I could not see what was inside them. 

I heard a humming sound, and it looked like something was moving inside the tanks. I began to approach the containers, and just then my guide grabbed my hand and dragged me roughly into the corridor. He told me that there was no need to see the contents of the containers and added that this would only complicate matters. 

We walked down the hall, and then he led me into a large laboratory. I was amazed because I used to work in a laboratory and here I saw equipment that I had never seen before. At some point, I turned around and saw a small Gray creature standing with its back to me, who was doing something at the counter. I heard the clink of metal on metal. I heard a similar sound when I was preparing surgical instruments for my doctor in surgery. “

Christa Tilton

Then Tilton was ordered to sit on a table in the middle of the room, and now she again had a very strong feeling that something was wrong, fear began to grip her harder. While she sat and thought about what to do and what was happening, a human doctor entered the room, greeted the guide, and then looked at Tilton:

“My guide smiled at me and said that he would wait outside, and I would only be there for a few minutes. I cried. I cry when I’m scared. The gray alien looked at me and turned to continue what he was doing. The doctor called an additional help, and then another gray alien entered. 

The next thing I remember, I was very sleepy. I knew that they were examining my body outside and inside, and when I looked up, I saw this terrible gray alien looking at me with big black eyes. It was then that I first felt stabbing pain. I screamed, and then a human doctor stood next to me and rubbed something on my stomach. It was cold. The pain subsided immediately. 

Christa Tilton

I could not believe that this was happening to me and that it was happening over and over again. I begged them to let me go, but they continued to work methodically. When they finished, I was told to get up, go to the small room and change. I noticed blood between my legs, as if I had started my period, but I just continued to dress and when I left, I saw that my guide was talking to the doctor in the corner of the room. 

I just stood there, completely helpless. Then I felt more lonely than ever in my life. I also felt like a guinea pig. When we left the laboratory, I was silent. I was angry with the guide for letting this happen to me. But he said it was necessary. Then he said that I would forget it. 

I saw other aliens walking past us along the corridor. Again, I was like a ghost to them, they didn’t notice me. I asked my guide to explain to me what this place is. He said that this is a very important place and that I will be returning here in the next few years. “

Christa Tilton

Then Tilton got into the transit car with her guide again, and they drove to where Tilton saw the most frightening thing in all this time:

“I saw what seemed to me to be people of various types, they were standing against the wall inside a transparent chamber that looked like a pipe. I came closer and it seemed to me that they were wax figures. I cannot understand what I saw there. 

I also saw animals in cages. They were alive. They looked like they were in suspended animation. I went to the transparent cells in which they were kept. I put my hands on the glass and leaned over to see if I could get some kind of answer. But no, I could not understand whether they were alive or dead at that moment. 

They just didn’t move, and I couldn’t see if there was a liquid in the cells, like formaldehyde. I think there was no liquid in this particular case. “

Christa Tilton

Thereafter, her guide took her back to the waiting alien ship that had abducted her, and she was taken to where she was found and her memory erased. 

The recollection of this experience under hypnosis marked the beginning of Tilton’s compulsive search for answers to the question of what happened to her. Although she was never told directly where she was taken, she concluded that she was most likely taken to that very secret underground base near Dulce, New Mexico. 

Drawing Of humans in chambers By Christa Tilton

The site has been the center of all sorts of conspiracy theories since at least the 1970s and is a hotbed of UFO activity, cattle mutilation, and talk of top-secret underground bases. 

In addition to this, Tilton claims that after this initial experience, she was abducted several more times and taken to various underground facilities that she claims exist thanks to the government in various locations in the United States.

“I am aware of many, many, many underground structures or bases that are used for different purposes. Most of the underground bases are used for secret or other purposes involving the government, which conduct certain types of tests underground. 

And then there are bases, one, in particular, north of Tucson, Arizona, where I am almost sure that I was taken, it passes under the code or real name “Evergreen Aviation”. They have all the flying objects there and in ten years of research I have found that this institution is founded or supported by the CIA. 

Once I got very close to this object, I climbed over a wire fence and made my way there with my pilot friend, after which I took some great pictures of black helicopters. These black helicopters are unmarked. There were other types of aircraft there, and so we really believe that there are many secret bases in many states. I have heard of such bases in almost every state in the United States. “

Christa Tilton

Later, Christa Tilton wrote a book about her experience in Dulce, which is directly called “Underground Alien Biolaboratory in Dulce”, and talked a lot about these underground bases and aliens in general. 

Over the years, her stories about it became more and more bizarre. In particular, Tilton assured that she was repeatedly used as a “birthing machine” to produce hybrid children. And that she is probably a hybrid herself.

Drawing Of The Facility By Christa Tilton
Drawing Of The Facility By Christa Tilton

She has written extensively about her encounters with various types of alien beings, including what she calls “light beings,” reptiles, Nordics, and many others. All of these creatures have repeatedly told Tilton about the mission of aliens on Earth – from supporters of strict laissez-faire to imperialist factions wishing to conquer Earth. 

Tilton was especially frightened by the Gray humanoids. 

“The Grays seem to have a massive collective consciousness. I noticed that they are constantly doing something together, but practically do not communicate with each other. / or people. 

I can tell you right now that the main weakness of the Grays is that they have no soul, they are soulless. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. It is known that some of them are trying to impose some type of false religious philosophies on the people they have abducted, and the point is that you have to understand that these aliens have their own plans and are not at all good for humans. 

The Grays can be described as empty, like an empty suitcase. They essentially have nothing but a higher-level brain in the cranial region. They are mainly used by other beings to transfer various technologies and provide us with information, but as far as trusting them, I do not trust them. “

Christa Tilton

It’s hard to figure out what to do with this rather impressive case, and with all the additional details and statements from the victims of alien abduction, sounding like science fiction. Over the years, Tilton has acquired many believers in her case, but almost as many skeptics and ill-wishers. 

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  1. Alien beings conduct abductions to observe the abductee in a range of responses to unconscious stimuli. The complexity recalled under hypnosis appears to be increasing, as alien beings attempt to narrow down how to engage someone without the rejection of fear and possible trauma. This also applies on a collective level, as aliens are learning how to communicate with people, even when the abductee is not aware of it. To communicate, one must first terminate a reaction that prevents that communication from being successful. These beings seem to be refining ways to desensitize people before conscious contact becomes more predominant for entire groups of people, or even mainstream society itself. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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