From Homo-Sapiens to “Homo-Cosmos”: Do we approach the Universal God?

Do we approach the Universal God? According to conventional history, more than a million years ago, in what today is the African continent, the human being appeared. Sixty thousand years ago it was deployed to Europe, Asia and Australia.(Universal God)

For thousands of years we do not exceed just 10 million inhabitants on Earth. Then, we grew little by little, like any species of the animal kingdom until about 300 years ago …

By the year 1700 of the Christian era there were 600 million humans around the world. At present, we surpass the 7 billion inhabitants!, Unlike the other species with life on Earth. What made this possible? … How could we go beyond the natural limits of controlling population growth? What made us different from the other living species? …(Universal God)

For all questions related to human growth, there are answers, one of them is that the advent of agriculture allowed to leave the era of hunting, the collection of food and humans could live in places other than game reserves, and avoid or take less risk in the achievement of food. Another element that helped population growth was the development of technology and science that promoted the agricultural revolution. The human being was able to create his own ecosystems, and considerably increase the pantry of humanity.

Shortly afterwards the Industrial Revolution took place, which accelerated and increased the production of food and opened the doors to the transport of provisions. From then on it was possible to live anywhere on the planet. It was not necessary to live next to the river or the place where food was produced. You can live anywhere if you arrive the train, the ship, the plane or if you have access road.(Universal God)

In the second part of the 20th century the Green Revolution is produced which further stimulates agricultural production. The animal population is limited by the provision of food, as well as by the laws of the food chain. The food of some species are other forms of life, and so on. There are other natural controls of animal populations such as diseases, and territorial defense.

On the contrary, it seems that humanity has found formulas to avoid a population limit. Science has so far succeeded in stopping epidemics such as plague or smallpox, in addition to controlling other diseases such as polio, bacterial infections and containing viral diseases. Also, it has managed to prolong the life of human beings.(Universal God)

In the present, it is a reality that there is more human life than before. Humanity is expanding like the Universe … and perhaps most importantly we do not perceive it, we approach the Universal Consciousness. There is life in every part of the universe, be it atomic, vegetable, animal. For us, the movement is life and everything in the universe moves, everything is alive.

We conceive of God as something more than everything contained in the Universe, because God is the Universe but with self-consciousness. When we speak of a Universal Consciousness we mean the Presence, the Divine Providence, or if you prefer, to God.

What then differentiates human beings from other living beings? Why could we stop diseases, create cloned lives, decode DNA to a great extent, increase life time? …(Universal God)

For, precisely because human beings can intuitively touch – in some way or another – the Universal Consciousness. Thus, we begin to think and interpret codes and laws of what would or could be called the DNA of the Universe.

Is there a universal DNA? We begin to reason and to contact the knowledge of the Universe in the same way that a human cell possesses all the knowledge of the being of which it is part, and can replicate it in a cloning because it carries within itself the keys to the existence of the human body that helps shape.

For some reason, the Presence or Divine Providence, or God has allowed us to access the Universal Consciousness, to their own consciousness, first sowing that kind of genetic code of search of God that makes us instinctively recognize that there is that consciousness.(Universal God)

No matter how primitive man was, but from his appearance he sensed something immanent, something that transcended it as being, signs that indicated how to act beyond the instincts. Something that empowered him to speak, to converse with him, to God. Sparks of thoughts, of intuitions that led him to use the fire, to invent tools, and to conceive from the wheel to the most novel inventions. The union with the Universal Consciousness has led us to conceive of the unimaginable and to imagine, to conceive or, if one wants, to fantasize with the immortality that today science no longer denies and dares to glimpse.

Does humanity walk towards a Universal God? We are definitely approaching the Universal God, that is to say the Universe with its Eternal and Omnipotent Consciousness. What do you think? Leave us your comment!(Universal God)

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