Gateway to hell

Houska Castle – The Gateway To Hell

Who does not love a creepy story especially if it comes wrapped in mystery and features haunted castles and strange figures creating scary noises?
Houska Castle- located in the Czech Republic, bisected by the Vltava River is one such castle that has always lured lovers of secrets.

Houska Castle

There are numerous mysteries associated with Houska Castle such as why was it built in a place with no strategic importance and without any source of water – away from all trade paths?
Why the castle and the surrounding area has always been avoided by the Locals?
Why is it that so many dead birds are so often found in the castle’s inner courtyard?
What is the purpose of creating this castle on a site that was historically covered with impenetrable woods, not even suitable for hunting, with no nearby borders or trade routes to defend?
Why did the Swedish mercenary leader and black magician Oronto decide to make this castle his home and laboratory in 1639, and what was he doing there that terrified the local peasants to such an extent that they ended up assassinating him?
Why the castle was occupied by the occult-influenced Nazi SS during the Second World War when its location was of absolutely no strategic value?

Indeed, Castle Houska has long been a place that inspires a sense of fear and mystery and which raises many questions.
Definite answers, however, are few and mostly conjectural.

History Of the Haunted Houska Castle

On a forested hill, perched on the edge of a limestone cliff, stands Castle Houska.
This ancient stone structure has for centuries held certain notoriety in the region of northern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. 
The castle was originally constructed in the 13th century, between 1253 and 1278, under the reign of Ottokar II.

The legends surrounding the site of Houska Castle are older than the castle itself. 
Vaclav Hajek recounts a legend, the story of a strange crack in the top of the limestone cliff, a hole in the ground unimaginably deep, and reputed to be the source of strange visitations. The locals referred to the bottomless pit as a hole to Hell, and the villagers avoided passing anywhere near it after dark.

It was believed by the villagers that strange creatures, half-animal, and half-human, issued forth from the portal to kill livestock and wreak other havoc in the night.
They also believed that any person who passed near the site was himself in danger of being changed into one of the creatures of the pit.

Purpose Of Building The Houska Castle

The legend says that the purpose to build this castle was to prevent the evil creatures from tormenting the locals.
It is believed that the Castle guards a gateway to hell leading through a bottomless well.

Houska Castle

Local people urged to fill the bottomless pit with stones to get rid of evil spirits.
The villagers attempted to fill the hole with stones but the pit swallowed everything they dropped down it with no visible effect.
However, upon failing they decided to cover the place with thick stone plates and built a chapel over it.
Surprisingly, the walls of the castle were always moist even during the terrible draughts. Since it was chosen as a residence by the Nazis during World War II, the evil spirit of this place is obvious.

It is believed that the castle’s chapel was specifically built directly over the enigmatic hell hole with the purpose of sealing the evil inside the pit and prevent it from entering the human world.
It has been over seven hundred years since the pit has been sealed, visitors still claim to hear the scratching of evil creatures from the lower floors at night.
A chorus of screams from beneath the surface is also believed to be heard.

Oddities Associated With Houska Castle

It has been observed that the majority of the glass windows of the Houska Castle are fake as sturdy walls are standing behind the glass windows.
Secondly, the castle has no source of food or water, which implies that the Castle was not built for the purpose of residence.

Another strange fact is that when the square stone structure was originally constructed in the 13th Century, most of its defenses were not facing towards the outside but were built facing inward towards the inner courtyard of the structure.
So supposedly it looked not as if the castle had been built to keep an enemy outside, but rather to keep something inside from getting out.
There were no stairs leading from the upper floors of the castle down into the courtyard.

Spine Chilling Tale of The Castle

With the purpose of unraveling the mysteries of the supposed gateway to Hell, duke of the powerful Duba clan, offered a prisoner a full pardon for his crimes if he agrees to be lowered down into the bottomless pit on the end of a rope and to report back on what he found there.

The poor prisoner immediately agreed to the offer but upon descending into the opening for quite some distance there came a long period of silence and then the convict began screaming uncontrollably from deep within the ground.

When the duke’s men pulled the convict back to the surface, they found that his hair had turned completely white and he was stark raving mad and he succumbed to the mysterious illness after a couple of days.
It is believed that the experiment was repeated more than once with the same results each time.

Some of these people say that Houska Castle was built according to principles of Sacred Geometry and consequently it could be a portal for teleportation or time travel. 

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