60 Mysterious Cubes With Sacred Inscriptions Found In A River In Coventry

A new mystery has emerged after a fisherman in Coventry pulled out 60 Mysterious Cubes With Sacred Inscriptions in a river.

Mysterious Cubes With Sacred Inscriptions

Will Read of Finham in South Coventry revealed photos on his Facebook page while trying to gain valuable insight into the mysterious objects.

The cubes are believed to be linked to a Hindu prayer ritual that Read discovered while searching the Stowe River on May 8.

After taking a closer look at the cubes, Read and his children, Jackson, 5, and Benjamin, 7, noticed that there were very clear inscriptions etched into the grids on each side.

Will Read wrote on Facebook: “We were out fishing, as our daily activity in the running of the bulls, and we were in a relatively isolated place.”

“At first we found keys and pennies and whatnot, and then we looked down and saw what we thought were tiles. I was broadcasting live to my friends on Facebook and I reached down and started picking them up. ”

“I also thought it could be rocks. I showed them on camera, and as I looked back … more and more appeared. I saw all kinds of comments at first, the cubes really captured people’s imaginations. “

“What I learned is that they are of Indian origin and show spells for prayers that take effect when thrown into running water.”

After posting the images of these mysterious cubes on social media, Read believed the inscriptions were in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the ritual language related to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The mysterious cubes also show the mystical diagrams that are used for worship. These diagrams are called Yantra.

Despite speculation on social media It is not known why these were thrown into the river.

Will Read has returned to the place where he found the cubes and has found a silver coin. “The more I learn, the stranger it becomes.”

No one can explain why there would be so many cubes in one place. It feels incredibly unusual to have found so many.

“I will have them appraised to learn more about what they are and how much they are worth. It could be sitting in an absolute fund of money, but it could also be worth nothing. ”

What’s your opinion about it? What could these mysterious cubes mean? Leave your comment below.

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