The incredible case of Abduction of Allagash

Allagash’s abduction record occurred in 1976. One of the most studied and best-documented cases in the History of Ufology.


Four men – Jack Weiner, Jim Weiner, Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz – say they experienced a terrifying encounter with the aliens as they camped in the Maine desert. Each was hypnotized separately, they were subjected to lie detector, and all their stories passed the test.

For years, Jack Weiner was disturbed by recurring nightmares. He did not tell anyone about them except for his wife, Mary:

“I started having nightmares, really terrible nightmares I could not explain. I found myself in a very bright room. I had no idea where I was or what was there. To my left, I could see my brother Jim, also Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz sitting on some kind of bench, and they were all naked. I wondered why they would not help me, because I felt like I was in danger, and while I was trying to figure this out, I suddenly realized that something was dark and somber, suddenly a bright light appeared in front of me. I would wake up, uh, uh, sweating and breathing with difficulty and only in a state of terror and shock. ”

Witnesses saw a light in the sky

Jim’s brother Jack confessed that he too was obsessed by exactly the same nightmares:


“There have always been certain elements of the dream that are the same – some kind of creature, it is impotent, you are violating the feeling that you often woke up with.”

In all dreams, Charlie Foltz and Chuck Rak, two friends who met at school. They wondered if those nightmares could be connected to a camping trip 12 years ago in Maine. By August 1976, the four men had spent two weeks in the Allagash desert of Maine. The Allagash covers thousands of acres in the northern end of the state. On the second night out, Jim noticed a glowing object in the sky:

“It was just floating above the treetops, it did not seem to be moving in any direction. And I watched him through the binoculars for maybe 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and suddenly it just went out from the edges towards the inside of the outside. I mean, literally, it was just whooht, well, and it was gone. There was something about this that left me with a strange feeling that it was not right, but I really did not think about it. ”

The men continued through the Allagash desert. On the fourth day, it was decided to try to fish at night. A bonfire was built to celebrate his camp. Once in the water, Chuck Rak was the first to realize that they were not alone:

“I had the feeling that someone was looking at me from behind me. I turned on my right shoulder like that, and I saw this large round globe of light that looked exactly like what I had seen two nights before. ”

“It looked like a miniature sun, very, very bright. She lit the treetops in the daylight, and she was absolutely silent. “-Jim Weiner

“After seeing it for what seemed a few moments, we decided to signal this. It was then that Charlie picked up the flashlight and fired a message – SOS ”
– Chuck Rak

The answer was instantaneous:

“Well, when the light began to come towards us, my curiosity was satisfied. And I just dropped the flashlight. The only thought in my mind was to get to shore. Never look back. “-Charlie Foltz

The men began to row to the shore:

Allagash“I remember looking over my shoulder, trying to keep an eye on this object as it was coming after us. It was getting very close. It was almost above us at the moment. I remember thinking we’re not going to run faster than this. “-Jack Weiner

His next memory was to be back on the ground, just looking at the bright object:

“I remember thinking, ‘I could take a stone and throw it at that thing.’ That was very close. And then, all of a sudden, just striped away very, very fast, and in a few seconds, it was like a star, more than another light in the sky. “-Jim Weiner

“I remember leaving the canoe, and going to the campsite … And I remember there was no panic. The people seemed very relaxed. “Chuck-Rak


UFOs as described by witnesses

The four men agree that they were on the lake for at least 20 minutes. The great bonfire had burned for hours. And yet, there were only embers, which indicates a longer passage of time. Jack Weiner remembers:

Allagash“The weird thing is we did not stay for hours and discuss this thing, which is what one would think four young people in a camp was going to do. We looked very tired and wanted to go to bed. The next morning, we got up and got our camp and paddled to the next camp. ”

The men spent another 10 days in the Allagash desert but never saw the strange light again.

As the years passed, they told their friends and family about the UFO sighting, but no one believed them. The men did not believe it. Then began the nightmare of Jim and Jack Weiner. Finally, contact Jim Ufologist Ray Fowler for help.

Fowler suggested that the experience in Allagash the four should undergo hypnosis with a trained therapist to recover the details of the abduction. Under hypnosis, each of the men told terrifying experiences of repressed memories of being kidnapped. They were almost exactly the same.

Independently of each other, each of them drew illustrations of their incredible memories. The four said they were taken aboard the ship. The aliens forced them to undress and seemed to be conducting medical examinations. The aliens took samples of men’s skin and body fluids, their blood, urine and semen.


The following are excerpts from the actual sessions:

It’s them, It’s them. They do not know what to do. I think they think I’m coming after them. I feel as I want. I feel like I want to – the first one that comes close to me, I’m going to strangle him. I do not like these things. I do not care where they come from. I should not be doing this to people. “-Jim Weiner

“They are there. His face is right on my face. I do not know why. I do not want to know. I do not want to know what they want. They are saying things. In my head they are saying, ‘Do not be afraid. They say, “Do as we say. We only do what we say. ”
-Jack Weiner

The Allagash Abduction Case “It’s like a doctor’s office. I understand, it’s cold as a doctor’s office is cold. They put the panel on the chest. Then they scraped our arms and chest, legs and thighs. I should not be here. I just keep thinking, “I want to be in the canoe again.”
– Charlie Foltz

Chuck Rak could see what the extraterrestrials were doing to Charlie:

“I saw some sort of device in it. They have a – this looks like a silver, looks like it – as it has curves in it. It’s almost as if – like something that sucks. His head is tilted back. It’s almost like I’m in pain. We can not help you. All we can do is see it. ”

It was not until after the hypnosis sessions that the four discovered that each of them recalled the terrible events themselves. Each took the polygraph test and passed it.

For skeptics, however, alien abduction stories do not stand the test. Some suggest that as clinical psychologist Dr. William Cohn that images of popular culture or horror films may have triggered the inspiration of the memories of alien abduction:

“This movement is driven by the media. It is cyclical. People hear about cases well on TV. They think they may have had the same thing happen. Somehow it feeds itself. ”

Dr. John Mack is a psychiatrist and author:

Allagash’s abduction case “Usually they are people who have no interest in abductions, have not read about it, are not familiar with beings, and are surprised and amazed when they learn that someone else has had these experiences , Well, or that there is no material in the media about it. ”

“Researchers have a very clear agenda about what they are looking for. So if you have someone who is doing the UFO abduction investigation, it is a person who has already decided that UFO abductions are real, that thousands of people are having them. They have a list of symptoms. And if you come in the door with those symptoms, then you must have been kidnapped. “-Dr. Cohn

The four men have never regressed:

“This happened. If you believe it, that all is well. If you do not believe it, I do not care. I do not care, because he did. “-Charlie Foltz

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