In the ice of Antarctica is buried a giant UFO?

In Antarctica, increasingly began to find alien traces, so the famous Ural ufologist Valentin Degterev shared with the Internet users his new find – and this is again a UFO discovered by him on the most mysterious ice continent of the Earth

Discovered a ship of a diamond-shaped shape, made of some silvery metal. Striking its dimensions – thirty meters in length and twenty – in width, so this UFO is commensurate with a twelve-story house, says Valentine:

blockquote> It is clear that our earthly civilization does not yet create flying vehicles of this form, and even more so of such huge dimensions. Looking through photographs of the Google Earth service, I came across this object quite by accident, apparently, the alien ship crashed here hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ago. And it was preserved because it lay under the ice. The ship is traced in the layers of different years, and so I concluded that he is here a very long time. Its coordinates are – 72 ° 32’41.03 “S, 68 ° 20’1.84” E. So find and see for yourself if you do not believe …

On the slope of the mountain in the place of Antarctica indicated by the ufologist, in fact there is seen some mysterious object very similar to an alien ship. However, it is safe to say that this, according to Internet users, can only be organized by an expedition to this unique find. However, if NASA or someone else dares to take such a step (they will find money), then the public will not get much from it anyway. In the best case, they say that it is a thrown mountain peak or something of the kind, at worst – they will keep silent at all.

Video: A giant UFO is buried in the ice of Antarctica?

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