The Pope Lick Monster: Terrifying Goat Humanoid Or Goatman In Kentucky

In the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky there lives a strange creature who is a half-man and half-goat. The creature is named Pope Lick Monster or Goatman by the locals as it guards the Pope Lick train trestle. Pope Lick Monster possessed supernatural powers which include the ability to mimic and hypnotize, also the monster used to scramble the minds of its victims.

It is believed that the monster could be the result of the government’s genetic tests that went out of control. It is believed so because scientists have already made some animals through genetic mutation for example Tigon, Liger, Zonkey, Beefalo, and a kitten that glows in the dark.

Certainly, there are many other strange unidentified creatures that are often spotted near the shores or in the dense forest like the Montauk Monster, Chupacabra, and South Africa’s own sheep baby “sent by the devil”.No one knows how many more unknown creatures are left to be spotted that are sent by the god.

The theory is yet to be proved true as there is no conclusive evidence behind the Pope Lick Monster. The body of the enigmatic monster is yet to be found, and in relation to the monster, there are many such creatures that are spotted earlier like the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, and Bigfoot.

Though there are no conclusive facts related to the monster yet the sole aim of the cryptozoologists is to prove the theories true with or without the help of science. The academic foundation has lowered down the whole area of cryptozoology to the “pseudoscience” trash because of this unconventional approach.

No issue; cryptozoologists, for their part, have dismissed conventional science as erroneous and or politically driven.

Contrasting to Bigfoot, Goatman has not left any clues or any physical evidence, which is why it is believed to be a ghost. On the other hand, Bigfoot has left some physical evidence like an oversized footprint in the mud.

It is almost certain that there is no such creature like Goatman that exists physically but what if it is some kind of supernatural or paranormal element. To prove that Goatman exists remains a great challenge for ghost hunters.

Last spring the professional ghost hunter from Brooklyn Paranormal Society went to Kentucky to investigate the Pope Lick Monster. They were equipped with advanced technology devices that are used for hunting disembodied spirits.

The Pope Lick Monster: Terrifyin Goat Humanoid Or Goatman In Kentucky
Pope Lick Monster

Investigation Of The Popelick Monster | The Goatman

The ghost hunters worked in the scary trestle underneath the grass fields which is the hotspot for victims of the Goatman.

The president of Brooklyn Paranormal Society, Anthony Long started the ghost hunting experiment by asking questions through the Ghost Hunter M2 app. The question was, “What are we standing on?” Using the EVP instrument the application presented words both in audio and video format, based on an advanced and proprietary algorithm.

A few moments later the word “Grass” was displayed on the application. They were all surprised at that instance. The displayed word had no relevance to the circumstances.

Now Anthony asked, “How old are you?” The screen displayed “twenty”.There could be a possibility that it could be the spirit of Roquel Bain who died last year after she fell off tragically. She was also searching for the Pope Lick Monster. Bain was 26 at the time of her death.

The Paranormal Ground Regarding The Goatman

Kentucky has a long past history of haunted tales and wars. It is a ground of blood and misery so if someone is on a hunt for a ghost Kentucky is the perfect place. The American Civil War, American Revolutionary War, and the French and Indian War have been fought here.

The most horrific war between the white European settlers and the Native American Indians was also fought in the same place. The Indian population decreased from 15 million to 238000 by the late19th century. Such was the level of mass killing that was made on the grounds of Kentucky.

But it was believed that the land was haunted even before the European settlers made their way into the valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, where present-day Kentucky is located. The land was referred to as “The Dark and Bloody Ground” by the natives.

In past centuries it was believed that the ground (now Kentucky) was not suitable for human habitation, because of this reason there were no Indian villages there. Also, the land was only used for war and was a place for hunting.

Primitive Race

The question arises what influenced the Indians so much that left their prime real estate including dense forests and lush prairies? The main reason for this is that the region’s old earthworks, mounds, and relics indicate a prehistoric race and civilization that antedate the original American Indians themselves.

In history books, it is already written that the native Indians are the original inhabitant of this place. But the Indians themselves told the white settlers that there was some other advanced human race before them. History Books of the 1800s also claim the same and the copper utensils and geometry displayed in the mound-works give us a shred of conclusive evidence

The Indians boast of the great war that they fought with the advanced race and ultimately won the war after great sacrifice. Indians believe that the spirits of the advanced race still haunt the place where the war was fought. The battleground includes present-day Kentucky.

The Europeans gave no interest in the beliefs of Indians and instead, they colonized the land that was believed to be haunted. A lot of researchers claim that there could be a connection between the Goatman and the belief of Indians. Consider the following analogies between the Goatman and two malevolent spirits.

The Scary Skin-walker and Wendigo

The Navaho Nation has a tale related to the scary Skin-walker. According to Indian mythology Skin-walkers were once shamans and powerful witches who had magical and supernatural powers by which they can transform themselves into animals, such as bears, wolves, cougars, and other beasts, including half-animal, half-human abominations.

They had the power to move very fast into the air. Also, they were able to hypnotize their victims, instill fear, sow confusion. These paranormal elements were subjected to endless wandering and following their victims because of the rituals they followed to become these Skin-walker.

Consider the Wendigo, an evil spirit native to Algonquin Native American folklore. The creature is a startlingly tall, haggard, skeleton, and topped by a stag skull head with antlers. The creature was previously human, but after ingesting human flesh, it evolved into a Wendigo.

The creature used to fulfill its hunger by eating human flesh. They were able to move very fast and had the ability to hypnotize. Also, Wendigo used to mimic voices to lure its prey.

These descriptions of Skin-walker and Wendigo could help us relate to the present-day Goatman. But now again where did this leave us in the hunt for the Pope Lick Monster? Though the findings under the trestle gave us some pieces of evidence, they were not conclusive enough to prove anything.

What do you think about the Pope Lick Monster, leave us a comment.

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