‘Illuminati: NWO’ the Prophetic Letters Game to Control the World

No board game can be compared to that created by Steve Jackson in the 1980s and put on sale in 1995: “New World Order Illuminati,” which predicted many subsequent incidents, such as the attack on the Twin Towers and the attack on the Boston Marathon among others.


First the location of time: it was in 1990 when Steve Jackson planned to play a role-playing game precisely under the name “New World Order Illuminati”, for connoisseurs of “Magic” or “Yu-gui oh” it will be easy to identify what it is about the game. Basically there are several cards with powers that each player takes and depending on the conditions wins or loses points so that in the end the winner is who gets more units.

Occupy Wall Street

As an abbreviation the game was called “INWO”, to be easier to identify it among the players. Jackson did not know what would happen years later when his prophecies of conspiracy began to happen in real life.

His letters revealed the greatest conspiracy in history, guided by the Illuminati to reach the status of the New World Order, a discipline on a global scale that would rule the entire planet.

What is surprising is the detailed detail of Jackson’s letters, which contains images of the September 11, 2001, Twin Towers bombings. It also illustrates a series of catastrophic events that occurred later, such as massive earthquakes, tsunamis, climate control, Population reduction, terrorist attacks, banks, epidemics, weapons, manipulated markets, World War III …

It’s a simple game … so why did the Secret Service invade Steve Jackson’s house?

The letter says Nobody suspects a “harmless runner” Boston Marathon?

It is a simple game that hid in 1990 many of the things that happened later 10 or 20 years later. No one should worry about these letters if they do not threaten or insult anyone, it is a simple fantasy that has not taken place. Why is the Secret Service interested in doing a review and raid on the offices of Steve Jackson?

What Steve Jackson recounts on the previous link is how the Secret Service and Austin Police in Texas, on March 1, 1990, enter the Steve Jackson Games offices and look for computer equipment they confiscate including printers, hard drives and hardware.

The gaming company defended itself in the courts where it finally won, but were accused of being hackers by the fact that they promoted a hacker magazine called “Phrack”. This served as an indication that the Secret Service feared he had been the victim of a hacking where Steve Jackson would have figured out the government’s plans and shaped them into his game in order to warn of potential events years later.

At that time who controlled the Secret Service was President Geroge Bush, the father of President George W. Bush, who held the presidency when the September 11, 2001, attacks occurred, just as Jackson announced in his game 11 years earlier.

The letter says No one suspects a harmless Boston Marathon runner
A resemblance to Julian Assange based on a group destroyed in the game

IlluminatiHow is it possible that someone knew the worst events to come and put them so surely in a card game? What is your opinion?

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