They launch audio of encounter between UFO and airplanes in Arizona, and until now nobody can explain it

Recently a strange audio corresponding to a UFO incident occurred over the skies of Arizona last month. This represents important evidence of an anomalous aerial phenomenon that to date the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not been able to explain.

In the communication, the pilot asks stuttering:

Was there someone who passed above us like 30 seconds ago? ”

This audio can be heard on the recordings that were originally obtained from the FAA by The Drive , and which you can listen to below.

After the pilot asked the previous question, you can hear the response of the air traffic controller, located at the Albuquerque Air Traffic Center in New Mexico:


The pilot confirms, but sounding unconvinced:

It’s okay. Something did. ”

In conservation you can hear another pilot say exhaltado:

It’s a UFO! ”

Then the first pilot responds:


Later, the air traffic controller communicates with another passenger plane that was flying near the first plane. It was an Airbus A231 of American Airlines . From air traffic they ask you to observe if something happens over them in the next 24 kilometers.

The pilot of the Airbus asks him confused:

If something happens? ”

Then the air traffic controller explains the situation related to the previous and unexplained sighting. For this, the pilot of the Learjet confirms more data:

I do not know what it was, it was not an airplane, but it was heading in the opposite direction. ”

After a few moments, the Airbus pilot confirms that he has also witnessed the strange object.

Yes, something just happened on us, like a … I do not know what it was, but it was at least 600-900 meters above us. Yes, it passed over us. ”

The controller asks the Airbus pilot if the UFO was in motion or if it was floating; however, the pilot is not completely sure.

I could not understand if it was a balloon or something, but in reality it was a radiant light or it had a great reflection and several thousand meters above us going in the opposite direction “.

Air traffic asked the pilot if it could be a Google globe, he replied:

I can not say for sure. “(UFO in Arizona)

This conversation took approximately 6 minutes, and represents the evidence we have of a strange incident that can not be explained by the aviation authorities.

And as various media have reported, the FAA seems to have no idea what happened. They have only reported that they have no knowledge of any unusual aircraft present in the area or of an experiment with weather balloons that day.

The FAA said in a statement issued to the media:

We have no comment beyond what you can hear. In addition to the brief conversation between two aircraft, the controller could not verify if there was another aircraft in the area. We have a close working relationship with several other agencies and we safely handle military aircraft and civilian aircraft of all kinds in that area every day, including weather balloons that fly at high altitude. ”

The Drive points out that there have been many sightings in this area, and some of them could be explained because there are numerous military and Air Force installations there. In addition, there military aircraft are tested and even clandestine aircraft or possible prototypes that remain secret.(UFO in Arizona)

Maybe that could explain this strange sighting. However, we must bear in mind that not all sightings occur in US military zones; There are many cases of encounters with UFOs throughout the country, such as those recently declassified .

Is it a secret experimental ship? Is it an extraterrestrial ship as many have posed? This will be another case that should be included in the extensive library of UFO sightings where at least one government entity has been related.


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