Journalist discovers the statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman on Mars

In case you are wondering, there are many who believe that there is enough evidence to show that there have been extraterrestrial civilizations on Mars. Even Dana Rohrabacher, a member of the House of Representatives of the United States, came to request the middle of last year the presence of scientists to explain this possibility.(statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman on Mars)

And more than a century ago, the American astronomer Percival Lowell claimed to have detected channels on Mars, which, according to his hypothesis, had been constructed to carry water from the polar ice caps of the planet to mid-latitudes. Although we should not forget that in 1976, NASA’s Viking I space probe sent images that showed a relief very similar to a human face. Although scientists from the US space agency explained that the “Face of Mars”It was a simple rock formation, there were many people who claimed that it was evidence of an ancient civilization on the red planet. And now it seems that NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered more evidence of the existence of an ancient alien civilization that came to evolve on Mars.(statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman on Mars)

The statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman

Joe White, a 45-year-old English journalist, claims to have discovered a strange anomalywhile reviewing the latest images of Mars sent by the Curiosity rover. The photo (which you can see by clicking here ) corresponds to the interior of Gale Crater, where the NASA rover has been meticulously photographing the Martian landscape for the past six years. According to White, the latest images reveal the head of a statue of a warrior woman that looks a lot like the ancient Egyptian statues found on Earth.(statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman on Mars)

“I found what appears to be a small feminine-looking statue head in the Gale crater on Mars, in a recent image of NASA’s Curiosity rover, ” White told the British newspaper Metro . “It resembles a carved representation of a warrior wearing a helmet similar to some found on Earth since the Middle Ages.”

statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman on Mars

The journalist specializing in space issues shared his discovery through a video posted on YouTube by the channel ArtAlienTV – MARS ZOO. White comments on the striking artistic style of the strange-looking statue that insists that it bears a striking resemblance to the ancient warrior statues found in numerous temples throughout Egypt. In addition, the British journalist notes that the statue is undoubtedly a remnant of “an ancient civilization” that ruled the red planet in the past.(statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman on Mars)

The video-journalist also revealed that this is not the only discovery of this kind made on the Martian surface. In fact, White himself has found hundreds of similar relics in several images of Mars sent by the Curiosity rover in recent years. In his opinion, all these findings point to the same inescapable conclusion that Mars was once ruled by an ancient and prosperous alien civilization.

And, as if that were not enough, the theory proposed by the controversial British journalist has been supported by the astrobiologist Barry DiGregorio , from the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom. The British astrobiologist is convinced that Mars was full of life and that NASA is hiding extraterrestrial fossil evidence that occasionally appears on the red planet. Last month, DiGregorio claimed to have found evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars in the form of fossil remains, which NASA concealed by moving the Curiosity rover to another location.(statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman on Mars)

statue woman extraterrestrial warrior - Journalist discovers the statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman on Mars

A pareidolia?

But despite the striking similarity with ancient Egyptian statues, skeptics claim that it is a pareidolia , the psychological phenomenon in which the human brain tries to make sense of the things it sees, especially the abstract. Try to look for patterns and other visual stimuli with which you are familiar. As such, science says that we often see faces even when there are none. An example would be clouds and their abstract forms, or rock formations that look like faces and objects.(statue of an extraterrestrial warrior woman on Mars)

Ancient civilization or not, Mars is still a planet that both fascinates and disconcerts, and when the first manned missions to the red planet are successfully completed, then we will know once and for all whether intelligent extraterrestrial life exists or has existed. Mars is the next candidate to be colonized by humans, and space agencies are working against the clock to determine if we can terraform the planet in order to live. As long as those missions are real , and we are not facing a new assembly as happened with the Moon .

The enigmatic anomaly is new evidence that there was intelligent extraterrestrial life on Mars? Or is it a pareidolia?

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