Dozens of people see the same UFOs in various US cities days apart

In 2020, there has been a dramatic increase in UFO sightings worldwide. And in recent months, several strange lights have been seen in different countries and this article contains the reports of same UFOs in various US cities

UFO in Texas

Three mysterious lights over the Texas night skies are baffling believers and skeptics alike. The video of the incident was recorded on April 22 in the city of Tomball, Texas, United States, and was shared by a YouTube channel called ‘willease’ with the following description:

“This was directly over our city of Tomball, Texas. There were 15 other people who were recording together with us. ”

Interestingly, the UFOs in the video momentarily disappear, but they immediately reappeared. But this is not the first time that such UFO formations have been observed in Texas. In 2020 alone, four more UFO sightings were reported in Texas, prompting all kinds of reactions.

After the ‘willease’ video went viral on social media, many netizens also shared their theories to explain this strange sighting. Most of the users claimed that these mysterious flying objects could be alien ships . However, conspiracy theorists argued that these UFOs could be secret military aircraft developed by the US Air Force.

The same UFO in Las Vegas

At first, the strange objects over Texas would have been just another UFO sighting. Until a few days later, UFOs were seen in the skies of Las Vegas floating in a diamond formation, strangely similar to that of Texas. The orbs seem to fly side by side, before disappearing into the sky. In this case, the video was uploaded to YouTube by the channel ‘The Hidden Underbelly’ on May 3.

Theories about what the orbs might include alien spacecraft or drones information. One possibility offered by some users is that the lights were part of some type of training exercise taking place in nearby Area 51.

UFOs in various US cities

Imminent extraterrestrial disclosure?

Many are convinced that the current coronavirus pandemic is a ‘cover’ for extraterrestrial disclosure. Rumors of the so-called “Great Revelation” have increased after the Pentagon officially released three UFO videos showing a strange flying craft at high speed and making impossible movements.

Conspiracy theorists believe that extraterrestrial disclosure is a gradual procedure, just as it is happening with the lack of confinement in cities, and the videos would be the first phase to inform the population about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Can you conclude the reason behind the increase in UFO sightings around the world?

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