Ex-World Bank Exec. Karen Hudes Exposes Global Control and Ancient Species

The notion of “extraterrestrials controlling the world” has long been a topic of discussion within conspiracy circles. Nevertheless, when considering an individual named Karen Hudes who has held a position at a prominent institution like the World Bank, a different perspective arises.

Ex-World Bank Exec. Karen Hudes Exposes Global Control and Ancient Species

Did Karen Hudes Say That Aliens Are Controlling The World

Karen Hudes, a Yale Law School, and University of Amsterdam Economics alumna, boasts an impressive professional background. She dedicated five years to the Export-Import Bank of the United States from 1980 to 1985, and subsequently served in the Legal Department of the World Bank for over two decades, until 2007. Her extensive experience lends credibility to her thought-provoking statements in this interview.

During the interview, Hudes bravely sheds light on her termination, which she attributes to her efforts in exposing what she describes as massive corruption permeating the upper echelons of the World Bank and the global economy.

Hudes goes on to assert that a peculiar entity known as the “Black Pope” wields control over everything, asserting that this entity is non-human in nature.

She further posits the existence of another species inhabiting our planet, predating even the Ice Age, which governs humanity. Intriguingly, Hudes clarifies that these entities are not extraterrestrials, but rather distinct species of highly technologically advanced humans, possessing superior intellectual capabilities while lacking any creative or emotional capacities.

Ex-World Bank Exec. Karen Hudes Exposes Global Control and Ancient Species

According to Hudes, these beings have maintained positions of power for an extensive period. As evidence, she refers to the mitres worn by certain Egyptian pharaohs to conceal their elongated heads and the enigmatic Peruvian skulls.

To support her claims, Hudes cites a 2011 Swiss study featured in Plos One magazine, which discusses the “global corporate control network.” This study reveals that a small cluster of entities, primarily comprised of financial institutions and central banks, wield significant influence over the global economy. Hudes emphasizes that this group is effectively dominating the world’s resources, while also asserting that “corrupt power grabbers” have managed to control the media. She stresses that these actions are not being curtailed.

While Hudes’s statements may appear unconventional to some, they align with the views expressed by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer. At a UFO congress last year, Hellyer asserted the presence of extraterrestrial beings working within the United States government, further adding weight to Hudes’s claims.

What do you think of his incredible statements? We leave the entire interview divided into two parts:

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