A “Giant Underground City” Discovered in the Grand Canyon

At the beginning of the twentieth century, chance led us to the gates of the underground city of giants best known in those days.
It was an amazing discovery in the Grand Canyon and the press soon echoed.(“Giant Underground City” Discovered in the Grand Canyon)

A "Giant Underground City" Discovered in the Grand Canyon

According to an article published in La Gazeta de Arizona on April 5, 1909, the Grand Canyon was home to a civilization in which people of Cyclopean proportions lived.

A civilization that only left us some structures as a testimony of its existence.(“Giant Underground City” Discovered in the Grand Canyon)

The article mentions the discovery of a huge subterranean citadel by an explorer named GE Kinkaid, who accidentally found it while rafting on the Colorado River. It is worth mentioning that Kinkaid was a recognized archaeologist and had the financial support of the Smithsonian Institution.

According to their descriptions the entrance to this mysterious city was at the end of a tunnel that extended for something more than 1600 meters underground.(“Giant Underground City” Discovered in the Grand Canyon)

Kinkaid was impressed that the cavern was almost inaccessible. The entrance was about 450 meters under the wall of the steep canyon. The place was in a zone protected by the government and the access was penalized under fine.

“Above a shelf that could not be seen from the river was the entrance to the cave. When I saw the chisel marks on the wall inside the entrance, I got interested, I got my gun and I went in. “Kinkaid said.

The architecture found suggested that the builders of that subterranean city possessed advanced engineering skills.

A "Giant Underground City" Discovered in the Grand Canyon

The central axis of the underground city made it a gigantic camera from which radiated passages similar to the radii of a wheel.

The walls of the main chamber were adorned with copper weapons and tablets covered with symbols and hieroglyphic characters very similar to those we know in Egypt. Another interesting finding was the discovery of mummified bodies inside the citadel. None of the mummies found were less than 2.74 meters and all were wrapped in dark linen. Kinkaid said he had taken photographs of one of them with a flashlight, however, none of those photos were found.(“Giant Underground City” Discovered in the Grand Canyon)

Further explorations revealed interesting data on the beliefs of these alleged giants of the city.

More than 30 meters from the entrance is a room with a cross-shaped plant several tens of meters long and where an idol was found that could have been the main god of his religious system. He was sitting cross-legged and with a lotus or lily flower in each hand. His face had oriental features as well as the carving of the cave. This idol had a certain resemblance to Buddha, although the scientists of the time did not finish assuring that it represented that religious cult.(“Giant Underground City” Discovered in the Grand Canyon)

The article also talks about the discovery of ceramics and other artifacts with trademarks having been manufactured in other parts of the world. Perhaps a rare mixture of cultures that scarcely occurs in archaeological finds, so this discovery would be of unprecedented importance.

The last camera they found on the exploration was what Kinkaid and his partner, Professor SA Jordan, a ceremonial crypt, believed to be at the end of the great hall where they found the mummies.

Unfortunately the article does not give many more details about this discovery. Nor are there any official versions or references to this enigmatic subterranean city. The Smithsonian Institute denies having knowledge of the existence of this underground city.

For the moment this is only a story that remains embroiled in numerous theories of conspiracy. Are we facing a journalistic fantasy or perhaps have tried to hide more evidence of the ancient myths?

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  1. My anthropology instructor told me today that there is no restricted areas at the Grand Canyon. I asked if there was anything of “special” interest there without trying to suggest a conspiracy theory. Do you think he withheld information about this cave or just never heard of it?

    1. I was in Grand canyon last year in November 2018. There are definitely restricted areas there I can tell you and there is no degree needed for that observation as I can read the signs that say RESTRICTED AREA.
      Beyond that I cannot verify rest of your inquiry bit o can tell you my impressions as a very intuitive woman….. I felt like I was on a different planet there, so.ethi g is very differe t about the energy there and it felt pretty alien to me. I have dreams that come true and guidance in life from spirit. I will believe what they, it tells me more then Smithsonians or officials tell me. As I know my truth. Go see for yourself, see what your heart tells you and be your own truth teller 1st hand.
      Have fun on ur adventures

    2. WEll, I am sure there are reasons the powers that be do not want this info out there so they “hide the truth” like so many other points in our “history.”

  2. More evidence of Genesis 6:4, “There were Nephilim on the earth in those days and also after that… Mighty men of renown.”
    Of course it’s a cover-up…keep the masses ignorant of the Truth!!

  3. Under Death Valley i have heard, was also where the giants live……and over the years have seen on many ancient maps of America, the Oregon & idaho areas were like the last areas mapped when america was being settled as people came out west from the east….those areas i mentioned oregon and idaho werent mapped, but instead said across the wilderness area “Giants Live Here”………so people knew they were there, but not gonna risk going thru these areas due to the fact Giants lived there. What must they have known or seen? Giants eating people. Or they were just scared in general, because these big people lived there already, until they didnt, or were hunted and killed? Those mounds, usually jave giants in them. Denisovans i think. The left over people that eventually created Tartaria. Which is what America was called prior to it being America. Wait, so how could it have been discovered in 1492, with people already living there. Exactly.
    Tartaria was huge. It extended thru Alaska, Russia, and into China, i remember seeing on these maps…..the tartars. They created the ice cream cone looking tops of the buildings in Moscow…..those were Tartan buildings. I think they were killed by the Greenland meteor from long ago or a volcanic winter brought on by the SuperVolcanos in Yellowstone and California…..this is why California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah was under water, volcanoes. Its what erased civilization, up to this point…..the Tartars i think were Denisovans, were erased by catastrophes brought on by volcanos/volcanic winter, ice age……was like 500 years ago when this happened……essentially erasing society or all evidence of humans at all. I might be confusing a couple things, but it seems like society is erased every so often, by the Earth. Or is brought on by the Sun, or a Pole Shift every 5000 years or so…….but that was probably the last time it went down. No records exist from this cuz every one is killed or wiped out basically……so its why all those mud floods happened in addition to over dropping trees, but volcano run off is a real thing, so imagine what a SUPER VOLCANO’s mud floods would look like……devastation in an unimagined way……makes sense thou…..so if death valley desert was the bottom of the ocean, and is hollow underneath it……means the hollowness was probably filled with the volcano’s lava in the tubes at the time…..then when it went off cleared out the tubes…..leaving the hollow caverns we see to this very day. California, has always been known for caves, caverns, hot springs, tar pits, earthquakes…..all symbolic and connected to volcanos. Trippy. So maybe the tubes never refilled and were left as they were post eruption…….which the Giants or Atlanteans lived in for a spell, or where they worshipped the people before them, or where tbey had to live post volcano due to the ash coverage all over. Until it blew away…..cuz u cant walk on ash and live. Its like little jagged rocks going into your lungs……anyway, ash will kill you when u step on it and breathe it in enough times……it just does. Not sure what i just said anymore…..lol but i mean it. Its my posit or thesis on life on Earth, the Ancient recent times……its why we need psychadelics to expand our minds and when we were forced to use our pineals in a big way…..in the darkness.

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