The story of Karl Higdon: Man who was abducted by aliens and remembered everything

While hunting a deer, a man named Karl higdon from Wyoming met an alien who had come to Earth also to hunt deer. 
This alien treated the hunter with unusual pills, and then kidnapped and took him to his planet.

On October 25, 1974, 41-year-old Karl Higdon , who worked in the oil industry, went hunting in the woods for a weekend.

On the advice of a seasoned hunter whom he had met earlier by chance, he chose the area of ​​the Medicine Bow National Forest in Carbon County, Wyoming (USA).

Higdon himself was an experienced hunter, but he had not yet been to these places. 
It turned out to be a remote and uninhabited area, where there were practically no signs of human presence in the forest.

Higdon drove by car on a dirt road, and then walked over a small forested hill. 
When he was on the other side of the hill, he immediately came across a herd of deer, one of which was a large and handsome male with branched antlers – a welcome prey for any hunter.

Not believing his luck, Higdon was about to shoot the deer when something very strange happened. 
He aimed, fired, but suddenly the shot was completely silent, and the rifle did not recoil. And then Higdon watched in amazement as the bullet from the rifle flew ahead in very slow motion. 

The story of Karl Higdon: Man who was abducted by aliens and remembered everything
karl higdone

At such a slow pace, the bullet flew only a few meters, and then fell sharply to the ground, as if it had hit an invisible barrier. 
when the hunter looked at this and wondered, he noticed that the whole atmosphere around him became tense, as if filled with static electricity.

Higdon went to the bullet to pick it up and saw that it was flattened, as if it had hit something very strong.

 The deer had already fled from the clearing by that time, but Higdon was not alone there.

“I heard a noise, as if the branches were crunching, looked to the right and there, in the shade of the trees, I saw a human figure,” said the hunter.

The figure was the size of a tall man and wore a tight black jumpsuit, similar to a diving suit. He wore a pair of seat belts, and a metal belt with a yellow star decoration at his waist.

Despite being human, the creature’s head was not human at all. He had no ears, his eyes were small and deep-set, his mouth was an open slit, from which three large teeth were visible, and two short “antennae” grew from his forehead. 
The hair on the creature’s head was like straw and stood straight up.

The creature did not seem to have a neck at all, an eerie head sat right on its shoulders, merging with the body. 
The arms were very long, while one arm had something like a chisel instead of a wrist at the end, and the other had no wrist at all

The story of Karl Higdon: Man who was abducted by aliens and remembered everything
Representation Of The Alien as described

This strange entity looked at Higdon for a few moments, and then took a few steps towards him and asked him in perfect English “How are you?” A stunned Higdon answered “Okay” after a couple of seconds.

The creature nodded at this and came even closer. It didn’t look threatening and then asked Higlon if he was hungry. 
Without waiting for the hunter’s response, the creature pulled out a plastic bag from somewhere and sent it through the air as if using telekinetics towards the hunter. 

He caught the package, opened it somehow and found four “pills” inside.

The creature said the pills would keep him full for the day. The hunter pulled out one and swallowed, and put the rest in his pocket. 
Then the creature finally introduced itself and said its name was “Ausso One” and then pointed to something behind it. 

Higdon saw there a transparent cube-shaped object that looked like a large box. He saw no entrance, no windows, no chassis. The “box” just stood on the ground.

“It was much smaller than any of our commercial or military planes.
You’d think I’m crazy, but this tiny thing was about 1.5 meters high, 1.8 meters long and 1.2 meters wide.

Ausso asked Higdon if he wanted to ride this, and before the hunter could answer, he somehow ended up inside the “box”. 
Looks like he was teleported there. He did not understand how he fit into this tiny space, but he was immediately seized by panic when he saw that his arms and legs were tied with some kind of ribbons.

When he calmed down a little and came to himself, he saw in the same box a kind of “force field” in which five deer “floated”. 
They were as if frozen and he was sure that these were the same deer that he had seen in the clearing. 

Then he saw in the same “box” (it was obviously much larger in size than it seemed from the outside) another creature from the Ausso race.

This creature approached the hunter and put a helmet on his head.

 Then the ship took off and Higdon could see through the transparent walls how they went up and there was his car at the bottom of the hill. Ausso pointed at him with some kind of device and the truck, to Higdon’s horror, disappeared.

 Then they climbed even higher and now they were in Earth’s orbit.

Then they flew into deep space and Ausso said that they flew “163 thousand light miles” from Earth. They ended up on a new planet, where the ship approached a huge tower.

“Around the tower there were many colored lights revolving like powerful searchlights, they were so bright that it hurt to keep my eyes open.
I tried to cover my face with my hands and shouted,“ Turn them off! They burn me! “I couldn’t stand their heat.”

What happened next, Higdon hardly remembers. At some point, he saw a group of people outside, but he did not understand why they were there and who they were. 
And then Ausso told him that his race regularly flies to Earth to hunt and fish. Then the hunter was placed in a certain room, where he was scanned by some kind of device. Ausso said that the hunter was not suitable for their purpose and therefore they would bring him back home.

They were on Earth as quickly as they flew away from it. Before releasing Higdon, Ausso took the bag with “pills” from him, and then wanted to take his gun, but said that he was forbidden to do so. The aliens then disappeared and Higdon found himself in the forest, completely disoriented and frightened. 

He wandered around until he somehow found some kind of transport, climbed into it and only a little came to his senses, he realized that it was in fact his car. 
With the help of the radio, he gave a distress signal and then sat in the car and shivered, waiting for help. When the search party reached him, it turned out that his car was parked at the bottom of a deep forest gorge 5 miles from where he left it.

There were no roads nearby and there were no tire tracks in the gorge, so this fact was already a good proof of Higdon’s words. 
Among the search persons was Higdon’s wife, but he did not immediately recognize her from the stress he had endured. 
Later it turns out that in this area on the eve of the abduction of the hunter, other people saw strange lights in the sky.

When Higdon was found, he was so confused that he had little to say. He only kept repeating about the bullet, which flattened out on impact on something invisible. 
Most of his memories were obtained through regressive hypnosis. Then a medical examination of the hunter was carried out and it turned out that the scars left from his long-term tuberculosis disappeared from his lungs, and stones from which he had suffered for a long time disappeared from the kidneys.

A flattened field was found in his jacket pocket and research showed that it could only get such damage if it hit a very hard surface. Harder than wood or stone in the forest. 

Later, Higdon was repeatedly called a fraud, who supposedly invented all this in order to become famous, but at least the strange fact of finding his car in a place where it could not be in any way according to the laws of physics shows that this story is real.

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