The Race Of The Gods: Part Of Humanity Is Not From This World? (Rh-negative)

In the book “The Race of the Gods” Nick Redfern raises a revolutionary theory about a small part of Humanity, and it is that this part could well be the product of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.


As Redfern comments, within the Human race, there are four primary blood types. They are A, B, AB, and O.

The classifications are derived from the antigens of a person’s blood cells, these antigens are the proteins that are found on the surface of the cells and that are designed to fight bacteria and viruses.

Most of the human population has these proteins in their cells. The percentage of Rh-positive blood in people on Earth is very high.

Within the United States, current estimates suggest that about 85% of all Caucasians, about 90% of African Americans, and about 98% of Asian Americans are Rh-positive.

A small percentage of the US population (and the rest of the world, too, it should be noted) that do not display the relevant proteins fall into a very different category, that of Rh-negative.

In Spain, a specific region, the Basque Country, has a large part of its citizens this type of blood.

Why a particular group of people has blood that is so incredibly different from almost everyone else is a matter of deep controversy.

It’s an enigma that has led to the development of an astonishing theory: that in the distant past, visiting aliens subjected early humans to advanced gene splicing and cell manipulation techniques; ostensibly to create a race of slaves. In doing so, they gave birth to the Rh negatives.

If we today, and particularly those of Rh-negative blood, are the product of alien manipulation, then who exactly were the beings who decided to play god with the first forms of the Human race?

Why were they so determined to create radically new and different kinds of people? Where do they come from? Are they still with us?

They are questions that lead us to a legendary and powerful body of entities that have become known as the Anunnaki.

They are also questions that take us to the heart of ancient Sumerian cultures, which can be found in what is now southern Iraq and which, according to historians and archaeologists, were first established sometime between 5,500 and 4,000. BC.

According to Sumerian tradition, more than 400,000 years before a great flood devastated the Earth and killed millions of people, this powerful race of legendary people came to our planet from the skies above.


During their time here, they brought some sort of stability, and even society, to what was, originally, extremely primitive human tribes, some of which eventually became the Cro-Magnons.

However, that was not the original agenda of the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki’s main goal was to genetically alter primitive humans to create a robust and strong entity that effectively amounted to nothing less than a slave race.

One designed to carry out the orders of its extraterrestrial masters, including mining the Earth for its supply of gold, precious and priceless tough material in space.

When the Anunnaki finally left Earth, they left behind an amazing legacy: a new way of being human, one radically different from the rest: The Rh-negative. And they still live today.

The RH negative strain runs through the British royal family, something that has prompted controversial claims that the Royals are not all they appear to be.

There is a whole subculture that suggests that this royal family is directly descended from an ancient order of human extraterrestrials who are the true secret rulers of our planet.

Is there something in the genetic makeup of the Rh-negative that makes them born leaders, powerful figures, and perhaps not very different from the legendary “heroes of old” and “men of renown” as described in the pages of the Bible??

If one day a small percentage of the Human race is shown to be not fully human after all, will we see a backlash against Rh negatives? Will there be witch hunts?

These are the intriguing and inflammatory types of questions that provoke the many and varied mysteries of the Rh-negative.

UFO researchers, astronomers, and NASA have spent countless years looking skyward for proof that aliens are among us.

The strange Rh-negative saga, however, suggests that it is not in the stars that we should look for proof that aliens really do exist, for us, it is the Human race.

In a weird, fantastic, and even ironic way, we – or at least some of us (Rh-negative) are the aliens we’ve been searching for for so long.

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