Laura Eisenhower: The ET invasion has already occurred and the Governments do not want us to know it (Video)

In an interview with ExopoliticsTV with Alfred Lambremont Webre, cosmologist Laura Magdalena Eisenhower said that an alien invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know.

Very soon we will have the pleasure to meet you personally at The Ufology World Congressin Barcelona, ​​but for now, we share an interesting interview made a few years ago. Reiterating her statement to the San Marino World Symposium, Ms. Eisenhower stated: “There has been a massive cover-up regarding the contact of ETs with our governments and a great secret about those who have been both abducted and contacted. to which the invasion has already taken place and do not want us to know it.(ET invasion)

This invasion has infiltrated all sectors of our society, with the cover-up of most, but blatantly obvious to many. When we look at whistleblower testimony, it is clear that some kind of agreement was made with a group of aliens and according to what I discovered, this began well before Ike (former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, great-grandfather of Mrs. Eisenhower), has entered the office of the government. ”

To begin with, I would like to share a quote from my great-grandfather, President Eisenhower, of his farewell address to the nation on January 17, 1961.

“In government councils, we must protect ourselves from acquiring unwarranted influence, whether sought or not, by the military-industrial complex. There is the potential for the disastrous rise of power out of place, and it will persist. We must never allow the weight of this combination to jeopardize our freedoms or democratic processes. We should not take anything for granted. Only an alert and informed citizenship can induce the right gear of the immense industrial and military defense machinery with our peaceful methods and objectives so that security and freedom can prosper together. “(ET invasion)

Being a descendant of Dwight David Eisenhower opened to me everything that had to do with what his famous speech warned us, which is the Industrial Military Complex. It also helped me to see the responsibility we each have as citizens, to be alert and well informed and to express our peaceful methods and objectives. Many of us have been born with the solutions and it is time for our voices to be heard. No one cares about our concerns and our children currently have no real future, but living in a slave society.

After seeing so many rumors throughout my life regarding Eisenhower and meetings with aliens, I set about investigating the subject and then discovered that my path led me to more than research and information, but the current events made it clear that these were not just rumors.

Nothing I share comes from something I received from other members of the family; I maintain my views, experiences, theories and facts independently.

The creation of Contact Protocols for the case of an open contact with extraterrestrials is extremely important. But knowledge of possible alien contact scenarios is important as well. There has been a massive cover-up regarding ET contact with our governments and there has been a great deal of secrecy about those who have been both abducted and contacted, this is because the invasion has already taken place and they do not want us to know . This invasion has infiltrated all sectors of our society, with the cover-up of most, but blatantly obvious to many.(ET invasion)

When we look at whistleblower testimony, it is clear that some sort of agreement was made with a group of aliens and according to what I discovered, this began long before Ike entered the government office. I have studied, had experiences and researched in Exopolitics, Remote Vision, Channeling, so-called ET races and Galactic History, and I have been on a mission that goes in this field of the deepest energy since I was a child. I also do work sessions with people who have experienced contact and abductions so there are no questions or doubts in my mind as to whether or not aliens are interacting with humanity.

Maybe some of the pieces of my puzzle might be wrong or false, but many are certainly something trustworthy. In addition, as I will tell you later, in 2006 I was recruited to go off the planet to Mars, something that is linked to the secret treaties that I will refer to in this work, a program called Alternative 3.

Sad realities

We can not deny the modification of the Climate and the pulverization of our skies. If this is something that people find it hard to believe, please investigate the work of Dane Wiggington, who is an expert in this field and also Scott Stevens, a former meteorologist. In fact, all we need to do is look at the sky to know that something is very wrong. Also it is the catastrophe of Fukushima, Geoengineering, Genetically modified foods, false flags in the news, control of the media, mental control, possible scenarios of fake alien invasions, possible false ascended masters, threat controlled economy collapse, martial law, FEMA camps and the placement of chips in civilians.(ET invasion)

For people who hear this for the first time, it pains me to share it, but I must do it because I know that things could change greatly, if they knew that all this is true. If you consider that it is inaccurate because I accept it, I only ask that in the context of the San Marino revelations, be open minded and from there, do everything possible to learn more and help us to make this world a better place .

All these are not conspiracy theories, but a sad reality behind which a Secret World Government is operating. A government in the shadows that has its hands on the extraterrestrial technology. All this has been carefully planned and established, as a massive infiltration in the areas that are trying to solve these issues and protect us. A whistleblower, a former M-16 agent, says that the International Extraterrestrial Military Complex (MIEC) is currently using a “Tables of Destiny” supercomputer system, which includes HAARP aerosols / chemtrails and an Artificial Intelligence Mind Control System , to attempt planetary ecocide and genocide. He claims that the Pleiades fleet is here to liberate mankind and will be a success.(ET invasion)

Those responsible and those who are involved have to be held accountable or helped to free themselves from the controls that are blackmailing them to do this. With so many reports of trauma-based mind control, many of those involved are not even in full possession of themselves. If this is hard to believe, please investigate jobs like Cathy O’Brien, Duncan O’Fineoan and Arizona Wilder, among many others.

We have the challenge as humanity in the full understanding of the difference between who is here to help and who is not but who comes only through our discernment and education about our Galactic History and through the carrying of hidden truths to knowledge public. We must also develop spiritually, so we are not limiting or blocking ourselves from the expansion into the higher energies of the Earth.(ET invasion)

It is not about New Age or religious belief systems, it is more about the recognition of integrity, our need for unification and care for our planet and respect for other life forms. We have to do what is right for us and for future generations and not put money or fear first. We have to see all beings as an extension of ourselves and it is up to us to align ourselves with what will serve the greater good of humanity and the planet. Surely there is no concrete evidence for all the things that I am going to present. On the other hand, despite this, they really show a possible “secret story” that we must face and take into account.

The first time we hear about the Treaties

(ET invasion)En su mayor parte, cuando oímos hablar de las relaciones con ETs y nuestros gobiernos, sólo oímos hablar de Eisenhower. Por ejemplo, como el Dr. Pinotti y CUN documentaron en el 2000, en el presente sabemos que los ovnis fueron reportados en Italia durante los años treinta y que Mussolini, considerándolos una nueva arma aérea extranjera, creó en 1933 un comité oficial encabezado por Guglielmo Marconi, “Gabinetto RS 33”, con el objetivo de los estudios de ingeniería inversa luego de un accidente de un ovni en Lombardía y la recuperación de dos pilotos de tipo Nórdico (II Duce) considerados pilotos alemanes. Estos estudios italianos fueron posteriormente heredados por la Alemania nazi.

In any case, in the USA. the aforementioned Treaties did not originate with Eisenhower and although I have many people to mention who validated this, I am only going to list a few. According to Jason Bishop III, a whistleblower at Sweet Base, “The US Government in 1933 agreed to trade animals and humans in exchange for High Tech Knowledge and allow them to use underground bases where they would not be disturbed, in the western US “.(ET invasion)

According to a whistleblower and ex-agent of the M-16, the first treaty between the gray aliens (Draco-type reptilian beings), and the United States Government under Roosevelt’s administration, was signed in July 1934. It was the called “Treaty of Granada”. The treaty established that in return for the Grays to provide High Tech, the US federal government. would allow the Grays to proceed unhindered with human abductions for use in ongoing ET genetic programs. This happened after rejecting the help of the Pleiadians who wanted an eventual military disarmament. He also said that after the US government refused to work with the Pleiadians, approached Hitler and the Nazis instead. The Pleiadians worked out a treaty with Hitler and the Nazis that in exchange for technology, the Nazis would not attack the Jewish people. The Nazis developed their advanced saucer-shaped aircraft using Pleiadian technology. Although grays are well known in abduction cases, ufologists have no reports of such events as close encounters of the third type with reptilian entities. But this whistleblower is not the first to make such claims.(ET invasion)

Reports confirmed by the contacted Billy Meier pointed out that space-time technology was exchanged with a certain race of Pleiadians within Hitler’s Germany during 1933-1934, apparently through a group of Nazi channellers: psychic women called ‘ Vrilerinnen ‘, directed by Maria Orsich.
Billy Meier and the former agent, both said that in 1941, the Pleiadians withdrew from the treaty and would no longer be linked to Hitler and the Nazis. It was at that time that the Grays approached them, and this is where trauma-based mind control technology comes from.(ET invasion)

According to the former M-16 agent, the treaties are renewed every 10 years … If these statements are true, this is the backdrop, which potently validates the encounters with extraterrestrials that took place in the Eisenhower administration in 1954. Our government, during the Roosevelt administration, apparently got secret technologies that were not about mind control, like what the Nazis received, but they were anti-gravitational devices, metals and alloys, free energy and medical technology, and this was in exchange for allowing the Grays to infiltrate human societies at different levels, which also included the possibility of cloning certain world leaders. So now we see that both sides have been influenced by these Grays.(ET invasion)

Infiltration continues

It seems that infiltration has been a factor since World War 2 and War only changed for something else, but it was never won. During Truman’s presidency, managing the ET problem was a task that the President alone could not handle. Many UFO accidents appear to have taken place before Roswell in 1947, and this is archived in the current Area 51, where many tests, ships, ET autopsies and experiments have been and are being performed. It is said that aliens occupy this base along with other people, such as scientists and military personnel. Morgan Martell discusses it on his website about the Paperclip Project.(ET invasion)

In 1946, President Truman authorized the Paperclip Project. One of the objectives of Operation Paperclip was to deprive German scientific expertise and knowledge to the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, as well as to prevent postwar Germany from re-developing its military research capability. One of the fields that Nazi physicians and psychologists had made was social engineering and behavioral behavior in humans, also known as mind control.

The OSS had already been active in Operation Paperclip for more than 3 months before Truman issued the order, and many members of the Nazi party had already entered the United States. So the OSS decided to whiten Nazi stories, sometimes even creating new identities altogether, which made it easier for them to spread their influence in America. The former M-16 reporting agent has said that the CIA was created almost two years after that and the 1947 American National Security Act to handle the huge amount of undercover mental control, cloning and other secret projects that were born of Paperclip. Normal laws do not apply with them, so you can go ahead with all sorts of things. All this has turned most defense-related projects and technologies into weapons that are used to control us. MJ-12 (Majestic Twelve) was also created as a group dealing with ET investigations. This was also the year of the Roswell crash and where extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE) came on the scene, which helped us to make contact with their race.(ET invasion)

Alternatives of 1,2, 3 and Mars

When President Eisenhower was in government, he formed a secret society known as the JASON Society (Jason Scholars) in 1955, which is considered a branch of Majestic-12, which Truman established during his tenure. The Jason Society was created to sift through all the facts, evidence, technology, lies and deception and find the truth of the alien question. Alternatives 1, 2 and 3 are three options recommended by scholars of the JASON Society and are related to different scenarios to avoid the possible end of the world or future apocalypse that is more likely to be something induced and not natural, but this was not known then by many, as they surely would not agree with it and I think this is a part of the warning that Ike gave us.(ET invasion)

The first alternative is the use of nuclear devices to open holes in the stratosphere from where heat and pollution could escape into space, the second is to build a network of underground cities and tunnels in which the elite selected from humanity could survive, and the third is about a space program of secret colonization on Mars with the same purpose. I was recruited to go to Mars in 2006 but I rejected it because I believe in the power of the human spirit; our connection to this Earth and our unity as a race will allow us to carry it out, and so will our relationship with our own higher consciousness and highly evolved ET races and their advanced technologies that are in harmony with Nature.(ET invasion)

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