The Mystery of the Trovants: Living Stones in Romania (Solved)

In Romania, there are a large number of stones that literally grow by themselves. The stones are real and known as Trovants.

Trovants Living Stones

A series of stones known as Trovants with strange shapes, and with characteristics that are latent, to the witnesses of the passage of time, until it rains. Not long after the last drops of rain, they begin a process of multiplication.

And Romania, known for being the homeland of Count Dracula, a territory of vampires and other creatures that Hollywood has made famous around the world.

The site in question is the Muzeul Trovantilor or Museum of Trovants, declared a monument by UNESCO and is located in the Romanian village of Costeti, 8 kilometers from Horezu. The contents of this museum are quite peculiar: stones, simple stones … or not so simple.

Locals call them Trovants or “growing stones,” because that’s exactly what they do. They remain impassive over time … until it rains. When it rains as soon as the last drops of water have fallen, protuberances appear on the surface, which grow to the naked eye, giving them an appearance of living beings that surprises everyone who sees them for the first time.

But no, it is not magic or that the stones come alive … everything is due to a curious phenomenon caused by the very composition of these stones.

The Trovants are formed by cemented sand. This sand comes from a sedimentation basin formed six million years ago in this site, as a consequence of the successive sedimentation of detritus transported by the rivers.

In addition to these sediments, excess carbonates have accumulated, whose effect, together with the fact that the upper layers of the sedimented sand press the lower layers, causes the water to be eliminated through the voids of the sand particles.

Nature never fails to amaze us, What do you guys think about this amazing phenomenon? Leave us your comment below.

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