Teheran Dogfight

Teheran Dogfight: Iranian Fighter Pilots Engage In Terrifying Battle With Mysterious UFOs In 1976

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been a topic of fascination, intrigue, and controversy for many years. UFO sightings have been reported all over the world, with many of these sightings being unexplained and mysterious. In 1976, an incredible incident took place in the skies above Tehran, Iran. The event has come to be known as the “Teheran Dogfight,” and it has been the subject of much debate and speculation ever since.

Teheran Dogfight

Teheran Dogfight

On September 18, 1976, around 10:30 p.m., the air traffic controller Hussain Perouzi at Mehrabad Airport received a phone call reporting an UFO flying over the northern district of the Iranian capital. The caller told that the object was flying at an altitude of 300 meters. Initially, Hussain Perouzi didn’t pay much attention to the report as the radar at the airport was not working. But later, when he got four back-to-back calls within an hour, he grabbed his binoculars and went upstairs to spot the UFO. He looked over the sky in a few directions, and within a minute or two, he was able to spot it.

It was rectangular in shape, probably seven to eight meters long and about two meters wide… it was probably cylindrical. The two ends were pulsating with a whitish blue color. Around the mid-section of the cylinder there was this small red light that kept going around in a circle.

Hussain Perouzi

The next day, i.e., on September 19, at 12:30 am, Perouzi reported the UFO sighting to the Imperial Iranian Air Force Command. An F-4 Phantom fighter jet was deployed from Shahrokhi AFB to check out the UFO. It was deployed on the orders of General Nader Yousefi. The UFO light lit up the sky and was spotted from very far away. From the balcony of his house, some 19 kilometers away, General Yousefi also saw the UFO. In his estimation, it was “a big star among the other stars,” being at least twice as enormous as other stars.

The F-4 had a two-man crew, consisting of the pilot and a radar operator. When they got within 46 kilometers of the UFO, the pilot abruptly lost all of his avionics and communication equipment, including his external UHF radio and his internal intercom system. He quickly swiveled away from the spaceship and returned to Shahrokhi. The plane’s systems came back up as soon as the jet changed its direction back towards the base. Next, a second F-4 fighter jet was deployed.

Lieutenant Jafari, who was in charge of the second F-4, was able to get a radar lock on the UFO. According to a report that was once kept secret by the American Defense Attache Office in Teheran, Lt. Jafari compared the UFO’s radar return to that of a Boeing 707. It was not possible to visually determine the size of the UFO as it was too bright. The UFO lights also changed colors multiple times from blue, green, red, and orange.

Illustration Of Teheran Dogfight
Illustration Of Teheran Dogfight

As Jafari was in hot pursuit of a UFO, it soon opened its door and released a smaller UFO that directly came towards the F-4. Soon, Jafari aimed his air-to-air missiles towards the smaller UFO. As the target was locked and Jafari was about to shoot, the weapon control system went off. Along with it, radio equipment also malfunctioned. The Iranian fighter pilot, defenseless and deaf, made the prudent decision to make a fast descent to avoid the incoming threat. The F-4 systems returned to normal when Jafari piloted it out of the region of the UFO.

A third object, similar to the second, separated from the UFO and flew to the ground, and then the second object circled back to the primary UFO. From his balcony, General Yousefi saw this act. On the way back to base, Jafari’s flight was followed by what seemed to be the same UFO. A passenger airplane also reported the malfunctioning of their radio system; however, no UFO was sighted by the crew or the passengers of that plane.

The F-4’s two-man crew took off in a helicopter just after sunrise to investigate the site where the third item seemed to have landed. There were no signs of a landing on the dry lakebed landscape. However, as the helicopter circled, the crew heard a “beeper” signal over the radio, which they recognized as a homing beacon. The pilot landed the helicopter where the signals were high. The signals came from a small house. On further investigation, the locals told the pilots that they heard loud noises and saw bright lights, but nothing more.

Eventually, the source of the signal was not found. Many high-ranking officials engaged in the Teheran dogfight were forced into exile when the revolution of 1979 brought down the autocratic Shah from his Peacock Throne. American General John Secord, who was in charge of US Air Force operations in Iran at the time of the Teheran Dogfight, reportedly interrogated Iranian and American generals following the battle. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) agents spoke with all the pilots and air traffic controllers involved in the Teheran Dogfight, and their report detailing the extraordinary event was sent to Washington.

Summarize Report On Teheran Dogfight By D.I.A

An outstanding report. This case is a classic which meets all the criteria necessary for a valid study of the UFO phenomenon:

A. The object was seen by multiple witnesses from different locations (i.e., Shemiram, Mehrabad, and the dry lake bed) and viewpoints (both airborne and from the ground).

B. The credibility of many witnesses was high (an Air Force General, qualified aircrews, and experienced radar operators).

C. Visual sightings were confirmed by radar.

D. Similar electromagnetic effects (EME) were reported by three separate aircraft.

E. There were physiological effects on some crew members (i.e. loss of night vision due to the brightness of the object).

F. An inordinate amount of maneuverability was displayed by the UFOs.

The DIA report summarized its conclusions as mentioned.
Illustration Of Teheran Dogfight
Illustration Of Teheran Dogfight

The Teheran Dogfight remains one of the most intriguing and mysterious UFO sightings in history. Despite official investigations, the incident remains unexplained, leaving many questions unanswered. The Teheran Dogfight has been the subject of numerous investigations and has captivated the imagination of UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

While some people believe that the Teheran Dogfight was evidence of extraterrestrial life or advanced technology, others remain skeptical and believe that there may be a more rational explanation. Whatever the truth may be, the Teheran Dogfight is a fascinating and enigmatic event that continues to capture the public’s imagination and curiosity about the mysteries of the universe.

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