Aliens Are Living Among Us

Proof That Aliens Are Living Among Us: Man In Black, Statements By Govt. Officials And Ancient Aliens

The never-ending discussion on whether or not aliens exist continues to be on, however, what many of us don’t understand is that the aliens aren’t only there however they’re pretty much living amongst us, as one of us. Here is some evidence that will prove that aliens are living among us, camouflaged as humans.

The Men in black Encounters Indicate That Aliens Are Living Among Us

Dr. Herbert Hopkins was visited by a person in one of the evenings of Sep 1976. the person had a very bald look and he didn’t have eyebrows or eyelashes even. He identified himself as a member of a New Jersey-based UFO organization and asked Dr. Hopkins to destroy all documents associated with a UFO sighting investigation that the doctor was engaged with at that point in time.

At the end of the talk, the strange man mentioned that he was running on low energy and that he should leave currently. His tone was fully mechanical and passive in nature. As per Hopkins, what had visited him was nothing. however, an alien within the disguise of a person wearing black.

Another case of men in black

Two witnesses opened a ufo case file on 14th Nov 2009 claiming to have seen a triangular UFO outside a hotel. 2 strangers who were fully wearing black appeared at the hotel a couple of weeks and annoyed the hotel staff as they were attempting to find the 2 witnesses.

These men were fully bald and they didn’t have eyebrows or eyelids either. As per the staff, they didn’t blink even for once throughout the total talk.


Various Statements By Government Officials Regarding The Existence Of Aliens

  • As per former Canadian defense Minister Paul Hellyer, aliens of eighty differing kinds live amongst humans, of that 3 varieties are most typical. the primary type is tall whites who are operating with U.S. Air Force in area 51 of Nevada. The second sort is that the short grays who have very slim legs and arms and are almost 5 feet high. The last kind is group of Nordic blondes and appears like somebody from Danmark or different European countries
  • Also Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had made a comment during an interview that alien visitations are happening since days and aliens are living among humans. He denied giving any estimate this as that may cause panic amongst the folks, is what Medvedev had to mention.
  • As per Boyd Bushman, ex-Area 51 worker, there are several aliens primarily based out of area 51 who reside there with humans and are operating together with them within the testing of varied weaponry and flight equipment.
  • As per Phil Schneider, former U.S. geologist and engineer, there’s an underground base close to Dulce in New Mexico, that has seven levels with every level being the house for various kind alien experimentations. As per Schneider, this underground base, that’s infamous because the Dulce Base houses several aliens who reside among humans and carrying out different experimentations on the species.

Ancient Aliens

  • The known Abydos helicopter hieroglyphic panel in the temple of Seti I in Egypt has inscriptions of futurist vehicles just like the helicopter, spaceship, and gliders that prove that these objects were out there in those times which aliens were there living amongst humans within the ancient era.
  • The light orbs during world war 2

During WW II, each Axis and Allied pilot reported glowing objects flying alongside them over the Pacific and European theaters of operation. These UFOs that were known as Foo fighters by the Allied American pilots would travel at high speed and would maneuver smoothly in the air and would take sharp bends at high speed, which wasn’t possible for any craft operated by humans.


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  1. The United States military need not be concerned that alien intelligence will provide technological advantages to different countries, as that would be counterproductive to intelligence analysis conducted by very real people through interaction. Being anthropologists, there are universal mandates to not interfere in social collective decision. The interest is in the proliferation of common knowledge that will increase awareness of the infinite universe. Humanity is continually evolving in social perspective. The end result of war was intended to be a greater peace, hence the reality of the upholding of the ideology of the country in the process. These beings seek to avert nuclear war.

  2. “My button is bigger than yours is”: There is an even larger button than both of you, that may render both of these buttons unable to launch nuclear weapons, even under emergency presidential discretion with the secret codes. It is humanity that decides when affect to the collective occurs.

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