Ghost Of A Little Girl Was Caught On Tape And Was Identified By Her Mother

The mysterious incident took place in New Mexico, USA, and went viral through social media. 
Apparently, a video surveillance camera installed in a local cemetery filmed the ghost of a little girl who looked similar to a girl who was killed two years earlier and whose grave was nearby.

Faviola Rodriguez who was only 2 years old at the time of her death.
She lived in Las Cruces and died in 2018 under dire circumstances. 
Faviola’s mother, Sandra Gonzalez, was urgently called to work one evening and she was forced to leave her daughter under the care of her boyfriend, Lalo Anthony Castrillo who was 23 years old back then.

A few hours after Sandra left for work, an ambulance was called to her address and the doctors found the girl’s lifeless body in the apartment. 
According to Lalo Anthony Castrillo, he did not know what happened to the child and only found the girl unconscious in a puddle of vomit. 
However, doctors immediately identified that the girl’s head and body were covered with fresh bruises.

An autopsy found that Faviola died from blunt head trauma and internal injuries. 
Lalo Anthony Castrillo was charged with child abuse that resulted in Faviola’s death. 
Faviola’s mother was shocked by the tragedy and blamed herself in the first place.

Ghost Of A Little Girl Was Caught On Tape And Was Identified By Her Mother

Faviola was buried in the local Masonic Cemetery with a beautiful tombstone with a large photograph and flowers. 
Relatives and friends of her family brought many toys to the girl’s grave, but then someone got into the habit of stealing these toys, so Sandra Gonzalez asked the cemetery workers to look after the grave.

Interestingly, the grave next to her belonged to a young man who was recently killed by a criminal.
The relatives of the murdered person suspected that toys from Faviola’s grave were being stolen by the same person who killed their son. 
So they decided to install a security camera on a nearby tree to try to track down the vandal if he returned.
The cemetery authorities approved this step, believing that the camera will catch the person who was stealing toys from the grave of Faviola Rodriguez.

Ghost Of A Little Girl Was Caught On Tape And Was Identified By Her Mother
Grave of the Murdered Guy

One day, when the family of the victim came to view the footage, they saw something very frightening and strange.
There was no vandal who came again to desecrate the grave, but what they saw was a ghost of a little girl.

Since the footage was filmed in the middle of the night, it seemed very strange that such a small child could be in the cemetery without supervision. 
The ghost of the little girl did not just stand or walk near the grave, she came close to the grave of the murdered guy, and then bent down to the tombstone as if she wanted to look at his photo.

The family of the guy who was murdered got worried about the pictures and immediately showed them to the workers of the cemetery.
The cemetery workers stated that they knew the little girl and then they escorted the family to the grave of little Faviola, which was not far from the grave of their son.

Next day, the family of the murdered guy again came to the cemetery and there they spotted Sandra and her grandmother at the grave of Faviola. 
They showed them the pictures from the camera and Sandra burst into tears when she recognized her daughter in the little fuzzy figure
“This is my daughter,” she repeated, “I know this, this is her”.

In the footage, captured by the camera that night, there was something else that the family of the murdered guy did not immediately see. 
The picture is very blurry, but in it you could see a small silhouette receding into the distance, and next to it a tall silhouette, like a child next to an adult.

According to Sandra, it was as if the ghost of her daughter had come to that grave with the purpose of taking the soul of the murdered guy with her to heaven. 

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