Longyou caves: 2000 years old Enigmatic caves built using advanced technology

Our Earth is full of mysteries that have never been answered and still continue to baffle us and one such mysterious underground world that led us to many unanswered questions, is the Longyou Caves in China.
The cave is famous as the ninth wonder of the world in China.

Longyou Caves

Whether advanced technology existed in the distant past or not has been a topic of debate for decades.
However, are the Longyou caves in China evidence of the existence of advanced civilization in the past?
Interestingly, what makes these caves more mysterious is the fact that it has never been mentioned in the historical records and the origin of the cave is a complete mystery.

Discovery of the Longyou caves

Longyou Caves

Similar to many other mysteries around the world, the Longyou caves were also discovered by accident.
The most mysterious underground constructions on Earth was discovered near the town of Shiyan Beicun, in the province of Zhejiang.

Talks regarding the bottomless wells and underground lakes were famous in the town of Shiyan Beicun.
The local citizens took the advantage of the fishes present in the groundwater and kept the bones of the fishes to keep the myth of bottomless wells and underground lakes alive.
So to unravel the truth, a man decided to test the veracity of this local legend, in order to test whether the underground formations had an endpoint or not, a large hydraulic pump was purchased, with which all the groundwater was pumped for 17 consecutive days.
When the underground water was completely drained out, the caves of an ancient grand complex was discovered, which, apparently, were the reason for the lack of bottom of the water.

Longyou Caves

These underground caves remain one of the biggest ancient mysteries in the world as unlike most, there is no mention of these caves in the historical records.
Two questions that will likely never be solved are–
– Who constructed them?
– How exactly was it possible thousands of years ago as no tools or evidence to support any construction theory have been found as of today.

Huge designs on the walls

The Longyou caves were entirely underwater due to which it remained unfound for more than 2000 years.
The excavations and research were conducted only after all the water was pumped out revealing the marvelous artificial underground complex.
After the discovery of the Longyou in 1992, exploration inside these caverns brought to light some 30,000 square meters of caves and tunnels. 
More than that, the researchers gazed in wonder at beautifully crafted passageways, rooms, bridges, pools, and hallways.
And still, the question continues to exist- How were these beautiful passages, rooms, and other things were erected?

The walls of the different caves reach, at some points, 30 meters high and it consists of separate rooms, corridors, and gutters, and on all the walls, a very particular chisel engraving. 
The walls have a series of parallel lines, all engraved with a hammer and chisel. 
These marks on the walls of the caves are quite similar to those found on ceramics in a nearby museum, dated between 500 and 800 BC.

The precision by which the designs have been carved on the walls of the Longyou caves is mesmerizing, considering the tools, that we know of, existed at that time.

It is a mystery for the archaeologists and experts that what kind of technology was used to erect a monument with such precision 2000-years-ago.

 “At the bottom of each cave, the ancient builders would not be able to see what the others were doing in the adjoining cave. But the interior of each cave had to be parallel to the other, or the wall would have been breached when it was built. Thus, the measuring devices must have been very advanced. There must have been some provision about the size, location, and distances between the caves beforehand.”

Yang Hongxun, Archaeological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

No trace of construction has ever been found

Longyou Caves

The erection of these huge caves has never been mentioned in any historical records.
Experts have suggested that the investment of time and human labor must have been enormous to shape such an intricate design. 
Every single surface in the Longyou caves is chiseled with parallel lines, including the ceiling.
To create such a magnificent look, countless hours, and incredible manpower must have been invested.

To carry out such a monumental project, the presence of more than 1000 workers is estimated, chiseling and excavating for 6 years in a row and this has been estimated without considering the time spent outlining and delineating sculptures, engravings, and reliefs, which abound on the walls of the caves.

What has kept the Longyou caves intact for so long?

The area, where these underground caves are located, is earthquake prone, however, there are no signs of damage to any of the walls or any kind of debris inside the caves.
Over the centuries, the geographical area and the surrounding of the caves have been changed drastically in shapes and sizes, still the caves look like, as if it was erected only yesterday.

Due to the lack of the physical evidence, it could not be figured out as how the caves were made, the most logical theory that has ever been proposed is that the caves were flooded by a natural cataclysm shortly after being constructed, and this is why it has never been mentioned in any historical records.

How did the builders manage to work in the darkness of the caves? 
Who built these enigmatic caves and for what purpose? 
How did they achieve such amazing precision, in an age where there was no technology or industrial machinery? 
These are just a few of the many questions that the Longyou Caves have raised in the minds of people.

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