The Mysterious Case Of Pier Zanfretta: the man who had several encounters with Reptilian Humanoids

Pier Zanfretta was an ordinary and unremarkable person living in an Italian village.
He worked as a watchman in a rural community and led a simple life.
Until one day in 1978, a series of strange events unfolded around him, concerning UFOs, anomalous phenomena, and reptilian humanoid creatures from space.

On the night of December 6, 1978, Zanfretta, was driving around the area in his car, when suddenly, he saw a strange light emitting from four different sources. 
He began to slow down the car to get a closer look, but immediately his car stalled and came to a complete stop.

Zanfretta stepped out of his car and began looking for the strange lights again. 
Since they were glowing near the settlement, Zanfretta thought of them to be a group of robbers who wanted to infiltrate the wealthy home of the local doctor Ettore Rigi.

Zanfretta carefully reached the backyard of the house, where the strange light was emitting from. 
He saw that a large red oval object about 10 meters long was standing on the grass emitting a strange, intense glow.

Only upon seeing the strange object, Zanfretta realized that he was not facing some regular robbers at all, but it was something entirely different and he began to retreat in fear. 
But as Zanfretta turned back, he almost collided with a huge and tall reptilian humanoid creature that was standing really close to him.

He described the creature as:

“His height was over 3 meters and he was a huge, green, ugly, and terrible creature with bumpy, uneven skin.”

“In the area of ​​the creature’s mouth, an incomprehensible object was visible, something like a filter for breathing.”

The skin of the reptilian humanoid creature was spotty and covered with scales, large claws were visible on his hands and feet, and thorns protruded from his head. 
The eyes were triangular and shone yellow light. 
The scaly skin was wrinkled and frayed, as if the creature was very old.

In general, the creature looked so grotesque and frightening that Zanfretta immediately rushed away, and could barely catch his breath. 
However, Zenfretta did not have time to run far, as the reptilian humanoid released a heat ray at him and Zenfretta fell unconscious.

When he gained his senses back, he saw himself surrounded by people. 
It turned out that other guards heard his panicked screams and called for help on the radio. 
When they found him, there was no one else around. 
Zanfretta was in a state of shock, for some time he did not even quite understand where he was and who these people around him were. 
He even tried to draw his pistol.

The foremost strange detail was that his body was very warm, despite the fact that he lay on the cold ground for a while. 
Little by little Zanfretta calmed down and told the police what he had seen. 
When the police arrived at the scene, they found factual confirmation of the guard’s words.

There were very large footprints on the ground, also the trees around had traces of burns on the bark.
There were visible indentations in the ground, similar in shape to a horseshoe and others.
A survey of local residents confirmed that some people saw UFOs and unusual celestial phenomena that night.

It turned out that at some point Zanfretta managed to fire five shots from his pistol, although he himself did not remember anything about it.

The whole story was quickly spread in Italian newspapers and on TV. 
Many took the story seriously, and Corriere Mercantile journalist Rino di Stefano took it upon himself to fully cover the investigation into the case.

Stefano firstly considered all the details of Zanfretta and concluded that he was a very honest and sincere person, it turned out that he completely believed in what he was telling. 
Stefano was the first to suspect that Zanfretta had hidden memories and suggested that he should undergo a session of regressive hypnosis.

Under hypnosis, Zanfretta recalled that reptilians humanoid creatures had taken him to their spaceship. 
Inside the ship, he was examined and interrogated using an interpreter device. 
The Reptilians allegedly told him that they came from the planet Titonia, located in the “Third Galaxy”, and in the future they will come to Earth in greater numbers.

Few more days passed, during which Zanfretta bathed in the attention of journalists, and then he had another contact with the reptilian humanoid creatures. 
On December 26, 1978, he was patrolling at night and again at some point his car stalled on the road and something, mysteriously took control of the car and the car along with Zanfretta, briskly rolled along the road, taking him away from the houses, all by itself.

Suddenly, the car stopped and Zanfretta saw that everything around him was flooded with blinding white light. 
Then he was again taken aboard the ship, the reptilian humanoid creatures again questioned him about something, putting an uncomfortable helmet on his head, and even examined his pistol, firing it into the wall of the ship. 
Then Zanfretta was offered to fly with them to Titonia. but the man refused and he was released.

Strange Trail

Six months passed and Zanfretta again became the center of attention of the Italian press, as he began to claim that in July 1979, he was kidnapped by the reptilian humanoid creatures again. 
This time he was taken by a spaceship into deep space and there the humanoid showed Zanfretta, a creature that looked like a frog, which was lying in an abiotic capsule. 
He was told that this creature belong to an “enemy species”.

In the same room, Zanfretta was shown in similar suspended capsules, a bird-like creature, and a creature similar to a primitive ancient man. 
When Zanfretta returned to Earth, he was presented with an unusual artifact – a golden tetrahedron that rotated, performing an obscure function. 
Zanfretta said that he hid it in a special place and refuses to show the alleged artifact to other people.

A few years later, Zanfretta admitted that he had been kidnapped at least 11 times between 1978 and 1981. 
Some of these contacts were so strange that Zanfretta could not understand what they wanted from him. 
He was often shown various unusual creatures, but for what purpose, he never found out.

However, it is difficult to determine whether he was just a man with a very developed imagination, who wanted to get a lot of fame, or all of it really happened to him.

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