Mexican Paulina Martinez And Her Contact With Pleiadian Alien

When Mexican Paulina Martinez was 17 years old, she began contacting aliens. Now she is 36 years old and has two children who also communicate with extraterrestrial beings.

“It started when my son was four years old. He talked about a creature he called ‘my purple friend’. He said it was an alien girl and that she would take him off the planet. They still keep in touch.

She showed him her planet, and, surprisingly, then we met other people who saw exactly the same planet in their dreams or visions. They say that this planet is in the Pleiades star cluster.

It’s important to note that I never talked to my kids about aliens or anything like that, precisely because I didn’t want to put that kind of information into their minds until they were older.

Only after they themselves began to come into contact did I begin to touch on this topic,” Paulina says in her videos on the TikTok service.

These contacts occur according to the type of telepathic communication and the aliens talk about large waves of energy that cover our planet.

“My son calls it a gate where energy comes in. He says that negative energy has had a lot of power on Earth for many years, and this new energy absorbs it, transforms it into positive energy and sends it back out.

He says that negative energy will always have a place here because we really couldn’t exist without it, but nevertheless it will transform and things won’t be as bad as they were before.

In the future our consciousness may rise. These new energies will also prepare us for open contact with extraterrestrial beings.

My son says that they [the aliens] will begin to physically appear on Earth sometime between 2025 and 2028, and this energy will help us remain calm. Among the races that will come to us will be reptilians, Andromedans and Pleiadians.

Both of my children say that we have always been connected to them, but the transformation of these energies has increased the frequency and this allows for open contact between us.

My daughter told me about parallel realities – how the past, present and future happen simultaneously and how we can share our souls with different beings on Earth and other planets.

My children are not afraid of anything when they come into contact. When they talk about it, they actually feel more peaceful than ever.”

And when Paulina herself communicated with the Pleiadian, he told her about a system, like the Matrix, which he called the “Program”. It is possible that people are deliberately kept in this artificially created “Program” in order to prepare for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence or for some other purpose.

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