Missouri Man Julius Shields Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens and Had His Sperm Taken

A man named Julius Shields from Kansas City, Missouri, USA, said that he believes that he was abducted by aliens for a whole week and they carried out “sexual experiments” on him.

The Alien Abduction Of Julius Shields

According to Julius Jacob Shields, it happened 11 years ago and began with luminous balls that levitated near his house.

And then one night a creature about 1 meter tall knocked on his bedroom window. Instead of limbs, it had three tentacles, and it was with them that it knocked on his window.

“It was the first time I saw something [human] that wasn’t human. And when I saw it, I just froze. I didn’t move at all,” Julius says.

Missouri Man Julius Shields Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens and Had His Sperm Taken

Then he began to have strange dreams in which he was on some alien distant planet.

“In one particular dream, I was in an arena, like in the movie Gladiator, and I saw all these creatures, goblins and ghouls in the stands. I didn’t know what was happening, and then a shapeless bubble monster fell in front of me and in my a weapon appeared in my hand. I killed him and felt that I had won.”

But then this unusual experience turned into something else. Now he had “dreams” about having sex with various alien beings. And every time he “woke up”, he didn’t see any traces of semen on his underwear, or just a wet spot, but no semen.

Once this happened to him every day for a whole week.

Later he told about these strange dreams to his uncle, who lived in another house, and it turned out that he also had similar dreams, and at the same time as Julius.

“I have done my research on this matter and know that those who came to me are called “Greys“. They are not very large creatures, only about a meter tall. They fly flying saucer style ships, and they have big mother ship.

That in itself is amazing, but it also makes you realize that there is something more going on in your life that can happen on Earth.”

Now Julius wonders that if his strange “dreams” were not really dreams, and aliens abducted him and took his sperm, then somewhere out there he could now have children with his genetic material.

“If this is real, and I really have extraterrestrial children, I would really hope that these creatures do not brainwash them so much. So that someday, when they grow up, maybe in ten years or so, they could return to Earth and try to understand where they came from,” says Julius. 

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