Who Are The Gray Aliens Different Theories By Experts

Who Are The Gray Aliens? Different Theories By Experts

The hypotheses of the identity of the infamous Gray Aliens or the “Grays” range from aliens from Zeta Reticuli to humans from the future and biological robots with artificial intelligence.

Alleged Photo Of A Gray Alien Named Skinny Bob

The Grays are probably the best known and most reported alien species in close encounters of the third and fourth kind. And it is that they are those often mentioned as the perpetrators of human abductions for experimental purposes.

In the popular imagination, likewise, the word “alien” is inevitably associated with these big-headed beings, with grayish skin, thin bodies, short stature, and enormous almond-shaped eyes.

Let us see below what can be deduced about them from the ufological caustics.

Are Gray Aliens From Zeta Reticuli?

This hypothesis finds its genesis in the very first reported abduction in modern history: the case of Betty and Barney Hill. Although it should be clarified that, according to the description by the couple, their kidnappers were a mix between the classic gray and something more reptilian (see representation below).

Reconstruction of the appearance of the Gray aliens seen by Betty Hill.
Reconstruction of the appearance of the aliens seen by Betty Hill.

According to Betty Hill and a star map she saw inside the ship, these aliens are from Zeta Reticuli, a wide binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum located 39.5 light-years (12 parsecs) from Earth. Its stars (Zeta 1 and Zeta 2) are roughly analogous to our sun and are far enough from each other to maintain stable planetary orbits. An important fact for the context of this article is that this system is much older than ours, which could mean that if the grays live there, they would have had much more time to develop as a technological civilization.

Another noteworthy feature is that Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 are the closest stars to each other in our part of the galaxy, being only 1/8 light years apart.

Star map reconstructed by astronomer Marjorie Fish from Betty Hill's description of what was seen on the Gray aliens ship.  Zeta Reticuli's stars are at the lower right.
Star map reconstructed by astronomer Marjorie Fish from Betty Hill’s description of what was seen on the alien ship. 
Zeta Reticuli’s stars are at the lower right.

“From a planet around one, the other star is a hundred times brighter than Venus is to us. These stars are also a billion years older than the Sun and would certainly have had the potential to develop more advanced technology than ours and a greater incentive for interstellar travel since they could have directly observed planets around the other star due to that both are 30 times closer compared to the distance that separates the Sun from its nearest neighbor, “explained researcher Stanton Friedman at the time in an interview with Mystery Planet.

But that of the Hills is not the only case where this origin is mentioned, in other abductions —such as that of William Herrmann— where there was auditory or telepathic communication with the victims, the beings also claimed to come from Zeta Reticuli.

Finally, documents from the controversial group Majestic 12 ( Project Aquarius ), also mention the origin for the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) with which the US government came into contact —among them, one that survived the Roswell incident

Gray Aliens Could Be Biological Robots Or Artificial Intelligence

One of the most heard explanations in ufology regarding the appearance of the grays is that they are not biological beings —at least not entirely—. And there are several features reported by witnesses that point interestingly in that direction.

The first one is that they are all aesthetically the same as if they were mass-produced robots. Their cold and unemotional demeanor towards abduction victims—like machines fulfilling scientific goals of abducting, experimenting, and returning the human specimen to where it was found—just adds beans to the notion of robotic aliens.

In various close encounters, such as those involving abductions, victims describe their Gray aliens captors as all looking the same and displaying no emotions, as if they were some kind of biological robot.  Could they be beings with artificial intelligence?  Credit: David Huggins.
In various close encounters, such as those involving abductions, victims describe their alien captors as all looking the same and displaying no emotions, as if they were some kind of biological robot. 
Could they be beings with artificial intelligence? 
Credit: David Huggins.

Another noteworthy fact in the same sense is that the grays seem to be in the lowest echelon of humanoids reported by abductees, who have often described them as lackeys under the orders of other beings who are in the same ship —usually insectoid (mantis) or reptiloid in appearance, and much taller.

More controversial testimonies, such as that of Philip J. Corso, a US Army officer who participated in the investigation of technology and extraterrestrial beings recovered from the Roswell incident of 1947, affirm that indeed we should consider these beings as humanoid robots instead of forms of life.

Philip Corso (left) put together a rendering of what he saw. Gray Aliens
Philip Corso (left) put together a rendering of what he saw.

Robots specifically designed for long-distance travel through space or time,” Corso opined shortly before his death.

Contemporary scientists, such as Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb, support the notion and up the ante, claiming that we are most likely being visited and studied by artificial rather than biological intelligence and that contact is likely to take place when the intelligence do. artificial bodies on Earth reach a certain point and can converse with their extraterrestrial counterparts .

Are Gray Aliens Future Humans Capable Of Time Travelling

This is the most controversial and twisted hypothesis, but also – if it has any truth – the one that affects us on more complex levels.

The appearance of grays could point to our becoming so dependent on technology and machines that our bodies evolved to be smaller and our brains and eyes larger. In addition, according to witnesses, these beings usually communicate —almost always telepathically— using the known human language.

“We know we are here. We know that humans exist. We know that we have a long history of evolution on this planet. And we know that our technology is going to be more advanced in the future. I think the simplest explanation is… that it’s us,” said Michael Masters, a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Technological University in Butte who wrote a book expounding this hypothesis.

Masters believes that the motivation of these “extratempestrians” – as he calls them – could be scientific and touristic. On the one hand, archaeologists, biologists, historians, anthropologists, and other scientists return to empirically study the past; and on the other, it would surely be a good deal of curiosity for the wealthiest inhabitants of the future to see how things were hundreds or thousands of years ago.

The fact that UFO crews do not want to make open contact may respond to a basic and unbreakable rule: study the past without significantly altering it, so as not to change in a harmful way the reality of the point in the timeline from which they departed.

But beyond the paradoxes that could hinder the reality of the “extratempestrians”, at present, from politicians to  astronauts, they have considered it as within the possibilities to explain the origin of what is now called unidentified aerial phenomena:

Are Gray Aliens Human-extraterrestrial hybrids?

To finish this article, we are going to mention one of the most chilling and traumatic aspects mentioned by those abducted by the grays; one that could be related to a lesser or greater extent to some or all of the hypotheses raised on these lines: that one of the main objectives of these beings is to establish a new human-extraterrestrial hybrid species.

The so-called "greys" are the most reported alien race in abduction cases.
The so-called “greys” are the most reported alien race in abduction cases.

This notion stems from the fact that many of the female abductees report having been artificially inseminated by the Greys, only to later be kidnapped again by the Grays to extract the fetus. Also, some of the abducted men report that sperm was extracted from them or they were forced to have sex with hybrid women (presumably as a result of the insemination of human women with extraterrestrial DNA).

“My own research points to abundant evidence suggesting that what we are witnessing is a program of integration into society by hybrid beings and not necessarily by those alien-looking types. I feel deeply ashamed to say this because I know how crazy it sounds. But as an academic, I have to go where the evidence leads me, and I have to be honest,” commented Dr. David Jacobs, professor of history and one of the main proponents of this hypothesis.

Gray Aliens
Grays seem to obey the commands of higher beings, usually reptilian or praying mantis-like.

Another academic, Dr. Young-hae Chi, a professor in the Oxford University School of Oriental Studies, goes further, suggesting a correlation between climate change and alien abductions.

“Not only scientists and theologians are worried about the survival of humans on this planet, but also non-human species are,” argued Dr. Chi, who also added that the time when UFO activity increased considerably, in the middle of the last century, coincides with the development and testing of nuclear weapons 0 —something that would have attracted the attention of species that monitor our world—.

And while he acknowledges that the cases of abduction are diverse, he emphasizes that “they all have some kind of biological experiment in common, including the production of a hybrid.”

“One possibility is that they find our DNA valuable and therefore want to perpetuate it in some way. Another is that they are creating a new species resistant to future climatic conditions. And finally, some abductees report that the hybrids have high intelligence, so they could be infiltrating them to solve problems and become the leaders of the future, “he concluded.

Alien Amalgamation

If we take into account everything read up to here, we can reach several attempts to answer the question that is presented in the title of this article, so it is difficult to reach a single conclusion. However, we can elucidate that the fact that they visit us implies a relationship of some kind with our species, either because the Earth is a world similar to theirs or because there is common genetics on it.

The mere fact of accepting the visits of these beings—whether they are biological alien entities or not, humans from the future or not—also forces us to introspect as humanity and our place in our world and the universe. That is to say, “who are they” inevitably leads us to “who are we”, in a philosophical twist far removed from the scientific coldness of the so-called greys.

Perhaps the latter is the ultimate goal: the evolution in consciousness of humanity as a species.

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