Monsters Of Texas

Legendary Monsters Of Texas That Terrorize The Place Till Now

In this article we have talked about the several monsters of of Texas. Several people have encountered them throughout the state, and the uncanny factor of these demons has left a deep and scary impression on the people who have encountered them. They are generally spotted in lonely places with a frightening backdrop. Here are a few spine-chilling accounts of the demons of Texas.

Monster Of Texas by Ken Gerhard and Nick Redfern
Monster Of Texas by Ken Gerhard and Nick Redfern

The Goat Man: Monsters Of Texas

Here first comes the most legendary among the monsters of Texas, the Goat Man, who is believed to live in White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. A man-like monster, about seven feet tall, with goat-style protrusions protruding out of its head and hooves instead of feet, was reportedly observed darting in and out of the woods after sunset many times in the 1970s and 1980s. Strange parallels might be drawn between this beast and the legendary Satyrs of Greek and Roman mythology. One must not forget that many other mythologies have also referred to similar demons and believed that they are living among them.

The Goat Man
The Goat Man

A few examples are the goat-man demon Azazel, the goat-beast of the mountains feared by the shepherds of Parnassus, and the deity Pan. Pan, the god of forests, fields, flocks, and shepherds, was dreaded by everybody, lived in caverns, roamed mountains and valleys, and was fond of music. In the past, people often blamed Pan for anything that made them feel very scared, but they couldn’t figure out why. This was called a “panic terror.” Pan was eventually regarded as the portrayal of the entire cosmos and a representation of nature. Pan was considered an idol by the Latin divinities Sylvanus and Faunus. So, returning to the Goat Man of Texas, it is said that this demon resides in at least two locations in Texas.

This is a scary encounter of a lady named Sandy Grace, who encountered the Goat Man in August of 2001 at White Rock Lake. This place is already considered spooky dark by the locals. When she was jogging around the lake on the nine-mile long route, approximately at 2:00 p.m., the most bizarre-looking thing she had ever seen emerged from the trees. The half-man, half-beast marched briskly toward her with a malicious smirk on its face. It was huge, covered in thin, coarse brown hair, and had two massive horn-like protrusions. Weirdly, the beast knelt on all fours and disappeared in a burst of light when it was just about fifteen feet away from the terrified Grace.

She couldn’t believe what her eyes had just witnessed. She was perplexed because she believed she had no hallucinations, but she also believed that no similar-looking creature could exist in White Rock Lake or anywhere else on Earth. She reported that just before the Goat Man appeared, she was drenched in feelings of fear and terror, but for no explainable reason. Even though she had never experienced a panic attack before (or subsequently), she decided that this term best captured her condition. The women wondered if this could be a timeless account of a meeting with Pan, the God of the Woods, from many hundreds or millennia ago.

Donkey Lady: Monsters Of Texas

Now comes the next demonic creature on the list. Her name would sound funny, but it is what it is. This demon is known as the “Donkey Lady. However, there is no humor to be found in the existence of the genuinely evil and demonic monster that prowls the streets of San Antonio, Texas. The Donkey Lady has been a source of terror and chaos in the city for decades. It was in the 1800s when the legend of the monster-woman first began to circulate, especially in the Elm Creek region of the city. Legend has it that a woman, her husband, and their two children formerly farmed the land along the stream to make a meager livelihood.

Donkey Lady
Donkey Lady

Their income level was so low that it insured the family would remain impoverished and on the verge of hunger. One day, to their bad luck, a stranger on a horse showed up to the family’s farm. He was young, the son of a wealthy local landowner. He was fond of torturing animals and also found it amusing. On the family’s farm, the young man noticed their mule, which was standing alone. So he decided to do what he thought would be enjoyable in his sick state. Therefore, he started beating the helpless animal mercilessly. The mule’s loud cries were the only thing that kept it from being killed; its owners had come racing to see what was wrong and had found the man assaulting the mule. He tried to drive the man away by hurling stones at him, some of which hit their intended target.

The guy swore vengeance on the husband and wife and cursed them both. In a sad turn of events, the curse came true and they paid the price of their wrong deeds, that is, pelting stones at the rich young man. Ethically, it wasn’t really wrong, as the couple was only trying to save their mule from the cruel man. Later that night, the man and his goon squad sneaked up on the house and set fire to it. Within a few minutes, the whole house was burning, and the flames were spread all around the whole house. The poor family was in a state of deep fear as well as shock.

The homeowner vainly attempted to divert the man and his goon squad’s attention so that his family might flee, but to no effect. Sadly, the poor man was shot and killed, and the young children were killed by the flames. The cries of the children while they were burning also didn’t stop the cruel man from what he was doing. His wife, whose face looked to have semi-melted and whose facial structure had become elongated with donkey-like proportions, was horribly burnt, with her fingers reduced to charred stubs, her entire body blackened, and her face badly deformed.

The fact that her face was reduced to a donkey-like proportion gave her the name “The Donkey Lady.” She ran out of the home, mad with pain and covered in horrific burns, and hurled herself into the waters near Elm Creek bridge. She was drenched in a feeling of agony as seeing her kids burnt alive and her husband shot dead would set anyone’s heart ablaze. As the farmhouse burned ominously in the night, she dove under the water and was never seen again.

Since then, people crossing the bridge on foot or in cars have reported hearing terrifying screams from the waters below and the woods on several occasions, some of which date back to the present day. It has been claimed many times that a horrible, weeping, she-monster with long and lank hair, clad in rags, and with skin peeling off, has leaped into the automobiles of scared drivers. People have seen the beast-woman as she swims around looking for the people who caused her pain and the deaths of her loved ones.

Grinning Man Of Texas

Now comes the Grinning Man of Texas. Here is an account of “Christine,” a West Texas native who had many encounters with the mysterious “Grinning Man,” a bizarre and unsettling spinoff of the Men in Black mystery.

Grinning Man Of Texas
Grinning Man Of Texas

 “I haven’t told a lot of people about it. When I first saw the person I was about 1 or 2 years old. I have a very long memory. It was like the typical thing that you hear: it was this man who would stand in the doorway of my bedroom. I remember standing up in my crib and holding onto the bars and he wore a fedora and a tan raincoat and black trousers, shiny shoes and black leather gloves. His face wasn’t like someone who had been burned, but he just stood there and would grin. There was nothing friendly about the way he was grinning. It was horrible. Emotionless, didn’t blink. And he came off and on for a few years. “Even as I got older and slept in my own bed I would wake up sometimes, like at 3 o’clock in the morning, and that went on. That still happens: all of a sudden I’ll be wide awake at 3 o’clock in the morning, for no apparent reason. But as a kid I’d wake up at 3 o’clock and he’d be there. I didn’t have any frame of reference for it. Of course, my mom didn’t believe me; she just thought I was dreaming.”

“But there were all sorts of strange paranormal things that happened throughout my childhood and I wonder if it was all part of the same thing. I even got weird phone calls as a teenager. The phone would ring and it sounded like a little kid speaking in another language; just rapidly talking into the phone. I thought at the time it was some little kid got on a payphone and started dialing numbers from another country. But, when I read The Mothman Prophecies, I went: Holy shit! This was the same thing. What kind of validated that this person was real was that when I was twelve, a friend and I were out riding our bikes about 9.30 at night in the summer – it was a small town in west Texas. And we stopped and were looking in the doors of the Baptist church, as they had just put in new carpets. A big Saturday night!”

“But, we both turned at the same time to look behind us and this man appeared like right on the edge of the street light and started walking towards us, and he was wearing the exact same outfit: the fedora and the tan overcoat and black pants. But, this time, his whole head and hands were bandaged. We didn’t speak; we just took off like a shot, around the corner, to her house. We didn’t know what to make of it, but I thought it was probably that same person that I used to see. I’ve never saw him again. When I got into my early twenties, I was living in Dallas and I met a girl; we got to talking about paranormal stuff and she lived in Lufkin, in east Texas. She said that she and her sister shared a room and that sometimes she would wake up and there would be this man in her room. She said he wore a hat and a long coat. One night, she woke up and he was looking at her, but he was petting her sister’s head while she slept. For sure, a terrible “thing” in the Lone Star State.”


The Houston Batman

Among the numerous unusual monsters that populate Texas folklore and tradition, the Houston Batman stands out as one of the most peculiar. This cryptid bears a striking resemblance to the Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The most credible and factual encounter with this beast took place early in the morning on June 18, 1953. Housewife Hilda Walker, age 23, was sitting on the porch of her home at 118 East Third Street in Houston, accompanied by her neighbors, Judy Meyer, age 14, and tool factory inspector Howard Phillips, age 33. The weather that night was too hot to sleep, so they were sitting there trying to pass the night.

The Houston Batman
The Houston Batman

“Twenty five feet away I saw a huge shadow across the lawn. I thought at first it was the magnified reflection of a big moth caught in the nearby street light. Then the shadow seemed to bounce upward into a pecan tree. We all looked up. That’s when we saw it.”

Hilda Walker

She further stated that he creature was humanoid in general shape, but had bat-like wings, wore a skintight black suit, and floated in a cloud of light. All the three witness claimed that the eerie creature had a blazing yellow glow surrounding him and was standing 6.5 feet high. The Batman disappeared as the light gradually faded out with Meyer screaming out a piercing sound.

“Immediately afterwards, we heard a loud swoosh over the house tops across the street. It was like the white flash of a torpedo-shaped object… I’ve heard so much about flying saucer stories and I thought all those people telling the stories were crazy, but now I don’t know what to believe. I may be nuts, but I saw it, whatever it was… I sat there stupefied. I was amazed. I saw it, and nobody can say I didn’t.”

Hilda Walker reported this to a newspaper

“I can hardly believe it. But I saw it… we looked across the street and saw a flash of light rise from another tree and take off like a jet.”

Howard Phillips

The next morning, terrified Hilda straight away went to the police station and reported the whole incident to the police.

One Eye Lake Monster

Last but not least, among the list of monsters of Texas comes the terrifying inhabitant of Lake Granbury in Texas, One Eye. Lake Granbury in Texas was built in 1969 as a dam for the Brazos River, which is the lake’s main source of water. The Brazos River is the eleventh longest river in the United States, stretching over 1,200 miles in length. Lake Granbury is 8,310 acres in size, so it’s not exactly a tiny lake. This 75-foot lake is home to a variety of fish, including catfish, bass, gar, and sunfish. It is a popular place for visitors. Weekends and holidays saw a surge in visitors due to the abundance of recreational opportunities, including water-skiing, boating, and fishing. On the other hand, it is a shelter for a dreadful creature. The resident monster is known as “One Eye,” and it has the usual characteristics of a lake monster, including a dark gray hue, a long neck, and a humplike back.

One Eye Lake Monster
One Eye Lake Monster

“Whether it has attained a one-eyed state by accident or whether it is naturally one-eyed, I cannot say.”

Irish creature-seeker Ronan Coghlan

Lake Brazos is just around 50 years old, but there have been reports of large fish and other strange creatures in the Brazos River for much longer than that. Throughout the decades, something dreadful and nasty was said to be hiding in the river by natives and early Spaniards.

What are your thoughts on these mysterious and terrible monsters of Texas that are said to inhabit the spooky and remote parts of the state of Texas? Do not assume that you are hallucinating the next time you experience something similar to the creatures mentioned above. This is something that might very well be true. These beings have always been mentioned in legends that have been passed down over the years.

Leave us your thoughts in the comment section.

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